Calgary’s urban area expanded to 754 sq. km in 2013 from 242 sq. km in 1984, indicative of increasing urban sprawl in Alberta.  |  Mike Sturk photo

Growing Alta. cities gobble up prime farmland

Alberta’s cities have an insatiable appetite for farmland, a recent study from the Alberta Land Institute reveals. In the Edmonton-Calgary corridor, urban development had swallowed 4,763 sq. kilometres of land as of 2013, a 52 percent increase from 1984, when the figure was 3,127 sq. km. In that same period, Calgary’s urban area expanded to […] Read more

Residential development is pushing out ranching and farming, so producers may have to produce more for the growing population on less productive land.  |  File photo

Land-use pressure threatens farming

The sector requires large amounts of land 
but where will food come from if that land is lost 
to development, asks land-use official

Alberta’s ability to produce food is in jeopardy as the competition grows for land and resources. “You can’t find a geography of similar size anywhere in North America that is collectively producing the rate of commodities across the board that we are. It is a busy place,” said Brad Stelfox of the Alces Landscape Group, […] Read more