Field edge analysis platform delivers the news fast

Sentera’s new software allows growers to send their drones out 
to gather photos, determine trouble spots and take action quickly

Farmers who access early warning data on poor emergence have the opportunity to spray out or rip up those tardy acres for replanting or go in with remedial nutrition to rescue them. The key is to know as soon as possible after emergence if you need to take such action. One week too late can […] Read more

Drones spit out facts, not answers

LACOMBE, Alta. — Chris Neeser has been studying drones for Alberta Agriculture since 2014 to gauge the usefulness of current technology in agricultural applications. “We examined the usefulness of imagery from UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) for the purpose of weed and disease forecasting, and hopefully the process might answer some of the questions in case […] Read more

Tech-savvy growers already replacing satellite imagery

Drones used to collect information for drought management, disease protection and pesticide application

The buzz about using unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones, for precision agriculture is getting louder among producers looking to improve their bottom line. The technology continues to evolve, improve and become more specific for the job at hand. Drones are now considered less gadget and more specialized tool. The ultimate goal of the […] Read more