Farmers generally pleased to have a piece of the pie in expanded market access |Michelle Houlden graphic

TPP: resetting the trade table

They might have been a bit grudging about it, but most Canadian dairy farmers breathed sighs of relief when the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal was announced. Rather than being scrapped or crippled as feared by many, the supply management system was only crimped. And dairy farmer leaders said they now believe they can see a clear […] Read more

Online makes fast-break play on TPP deal

There’s nothing like working at a newspaper when “breaking news” occurs. For journalists, it’s a little like overtime in a big hockey game — the pressure’s on and you want to do the best you can to help your team win. The big story this week was the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. […] Read more

Trans-Pacific Partnership deal could tip election

Rather than being an Achilles heel for the Conservatives, the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement appears to be a positive for prime minister Stephen Harper as the country heads into the home stretch of a long election campaign. TPP negotiations are into triple overtime as this is being written, and an agreement seems imminent. However, the particulars […] Read more

Sky not falling with TPP deal

If you look hard enough, will you find a dead rat in Canada’s version of the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal? Maybe, but the carcass doesn’t appear to be in the farming sector. New Zealand, which was one of the nemesis countries for Canada, pushed hard to allow its dairy sector access to Canadian markets. That was […] Read more

Opposition on attack as Liberals capitalize on trade agreement

The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal has been finalized in Atlanta after years of negotiations, delays and an all night bartering session. Details were still emerging about the proposed trade at the time of writing. A final draft of the test is still in the works and has not been released. At first glance, Canada appears […] Read more