Manufactured ‘meat’ the new food frontier

Meat that isn’t meat may be coming to a plate near you. Biting into the relatively stable market of animal protein, a.k.a. meat, is technology using plant-based proteins that mimic the look, feel, smell and taste of meat. Such manufactured food products are providing consumers with more selection to satisfy wide-ranging palates, vegan and vegetarian […] Read more

Mission: less emission

Alberta dairy farm joins international research study to examine feed efficiency and lower methane emissions in cattle herds

When the Brouwer family was approached to take part in landmark research for dairy improvement, they jumped at the chance. Sunalta Dairy at Ponoka, Alta., has become part of the international efficient dairy genome project to study feed efficiency and methane emissions in thousands of dairy cows. The Canadian-led study runs from 2015-19 and is […] Read more

Why plant proteins may be the next best thing since burgers

The recent news that a German company wants to build a pea protein plant in Moose Jaw, Sask. was no surprise to Dennis McKnight. As far as he is concerned, the potential for vegetable proteins, particularly from pulse crops, is unlimited. McKnight, who has been a futurist, market researcher and food-marketing expert, suggests people will […] Read more

Driverless, robotic tractors

Driverless tractors are here. Robotics and guidance have met out back of the barn, and across the globe tractors without operators are being birthed. No longer part of imagination, they are a reality that many producers could get behind, or even in front of, with confidence. The North American Great Plains, Western Australia and the […] Read more

The hungry planet

The world’s population is expected to surge to nearly 10 billion people by 2050. How will farmers manage to feed everyone?

The premise of this year-end edition is that increasingly sophisticated science and technology will be applied to agricultural production in the coming years. This development will be driven in part by humanity’s natural inclination to improve and evolve — to get bigger and better. However, another driver will be the inescapable reality that the world’s […] Read more

Please just step into my (mobile) office

Seeing it rolling down the highway, you might think you’re seeing the modern day Partridge Family or David Suzuki’s tour bus. But this big and colourful vehicle is a more serious operation, “35,000 pounds of fun, in terms of getting research done,” said Peter Jones, director of the Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals […] Read more

Promising research for perennial plants on the Prairies

Researchers say commercial perennial crops suitable for prairie production could be available in as little as 15 years. It’s already been about 90 years of work, but the finish line is in sight, said Doug Cattani, a plant breeder at the University of Manitoba. He is working mainly on developing a perennial intermediate wheat grass, […] Read more

The indoor harvest

For Randy King, the argument for indoor farming in Canada is just common sense. For one, Canada is a northern country with long winters. Two, during those long winters almost all fruit and vegetables in Canadian grocery stores are imported from Central America, Mexico or California. Three, wouldn’t it be better if Canadians grew their […] Read more

Charcuterie gets a kick start

Sometimes you need to kick start pigs to make them fly, which is what entrepreneur Tina Windsor had in mind when applying for Kickstarter funding to help grow her charcuterie. The word charcuterie dates back to the first century and refers to a butcher shop devoted primarily to sausages, hams, bacons, pates and other prepared […] Read more