Are you on top of the latest trends?

Agriculture depends on innovation; in fact it was built upon it. In this issue, we bring you numerous stories about innovation that has happened or is happening in Western Canada and, in some cases, beyond. To tease your appetite for the contents in subsequent pages, here is a quiz based on the information within: Being […] Read more

Start your day with … a bowl of crickets?

Jarrod Goldin is president of what he believes is the world’s largest livestock ranch, but there should be an asterisk attached to that claim. “As far as livestock head count is concerned, I think we may be the biggest farm in the world because we have 110 million head of crickets,” he said. Goldin formed […] Read more

A vet’s newest tool

Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan are designing an endoscopy capsule capable of making detailed photographs of a horse’s innards, which are a largely unexplored frontier. “Whenever I talk to students about the horse abdomen, I put up a picture of a horse and put a big question mark in the middle,” said veterinary researcher […] Read more

Yield-boosting hybrid wheat varieties on the horizon

Farmers in Western Canada have always relied on innovation to make their farms more productive and more profitable. From mechanical innovations such as combine harvesters and rubber wheeled tractors nearly a century ago to the adoption more recently of chemical weed control products, genetically modified crop varieties and GPS assisted machinery, the evolution of prairie […] Read more

Grain trains: New models are bigger, haul more

1. They’re lighter

The new generation of grain train is not your daddy’s grain train. There are many differences, but two of the biggest changes are: Railways are running longer trains. New hopper cars can carry more grain. Eventually Canada’s government owned fleet of grain hopper cars will be replaced, and when they are, crop movement will become […] Read more

New tech measures cattle feed intake

Feed consumption and weight gain are linked to healthier herds, so keeping an eye on feed intake can pay off

AIRDRIE, Alta. — When Camiel Huisma was helping a friend manage his ostrich chicks in 1990, the link between feed intake and animal health intrigued him. The hatchlings were selling for $6,000 each, but the survival rate was less than 16 percent. As an engineer, he saw death loss as a problem that could be […] Read more

Go, fish

Innovations in aquaculture:

In the 2015 movie The Martian, an astronaut stranded on Mars is forced by necessity to grow his own food. The potato crop doesn’t work out so well for Nick Watney, played by Matt Damon in the movie, but Dr. Nick Savidov believes growing food on Mars is quite possible. The bigger opportunity, however, is […] Read more

VIDEO: Building a better bagel

Sometimes the most innovative creation is something that seems exactly like something else, but is actually profoundly different. Such are the regular-looking and good-tasting bagels being eaten at the Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals. They look like regular wheat bagels. They taste like regular wheat bagels. But the human lab rats consuming the […] Read more