Yes the technology exists, but how quickly do farmers adopt it? In some cases it is very quickly (such as with autosteer); in others it is a long haul, says Farmtario's John Greig.

Agriculture adopts digital technology faster than other sectors

Is agriculture ahead or behind the rest of the economy on the technology curve? I’ve always said ahead, but those who monitor these sorts of things from outside the industry always rank agriculture as a “mature” or “legacy” sector that lags other sectors in technology adoption. The answer is likely somewhere in the middle — […] Read more

Expert says children need stimulating activities and interaction with others to reduce anxiety and develop social skills. | Getty image

Technology is not a good babysitter

Expert says children need stimulating activities and interaction with others to reduce anxiety and develop social skills

PENTICTON, B.C. — Developmental and language delays, increased depression, distracted behaviour and less empathy in children are red flags for parents who need to better manage technology use in their homes. Elad Milman presented a session on keeping human connections in the technological age at a recent parenting conference in Penticton. “I think the concern […] Read more

 Leo Bose with Case IH says high-efficiency farming operations will benefit from autonomous machinery, including tractors like the one shown, and perhaps even combines. | Michael Raine photo

VIDEO: Field robots: their time is near

BOONE, Iowa — Look ma, no hands! Or cab. While the ability to run farm equipment operator-free has been around for years, Case IH and New Holland are making a move to make it a reality on the farm. Jim Walker runs Case IH in North America and said his company wanted to get farmer […] Read more

The U.S. military has developed a mosquito-sized drone with a camera in its nose. Theoretically, a swarm of these small units could invade a crop and look at individual plants.  |  YouTube photo

Rise of the field drones

When the corn begins to grow in research fields used by the University of Illinois, a robot sets to work. It goes up and down the rows, hoeing out weeds and applying herbicide. It is slow, but it works 24 hours a day in most kinds of weather and has few needs except batteries and […] Read more

Ayrstone Productivity has designed an antenna mounted on equipment that provides access to the home wi-fi.  |  Mary MacArthur photo

VIDEO: Field access to wi-fi eases data collection

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A small antenna mounted on top of a tractor, sprayer or combine can now give farmers wi-fi access in the field from their home router. Ayrstone Productivity of Minnesota created the tractor-based wi-fi system to give farmers access to their farm equipments’ production data and use their laptop, smartphones and other equipment […] Read more

The smartphone interface provides all the same detail that the internet page interface has, but shows it in a mobile-friendly format.  | WP illustration

New app manages farm information wirelessly

Scott Andrew was a computer savvy young farmer, but he wondered why was he still spending hours piecing together the bits and bytes of information produced on his farm. “It was three or four years ago and I started recording information on my smartphone,” said Andrew, who farms near Darlingford, Man. “It was better than […] Read more

The 430 h.p. S88 Gleaner is noticeably shorter than other combines in the class. The transverse rotary keeps its threshing up front.  |  Agco photo

Three equipment award winners from Canada

AE50 Awards | The competition celebrates the professional tools that drive improvements to agricultural equipment

LOUISVILLE, KY. — Agricultural engineering produces the technologies of growth, from farm machinery to processing to husbandry technologies. The American Society of Agricultural and Biotechnological Engineers gather each year to discuss new technology and its place in agricultural production. During that meeting they hand out 50 awards for the best new products from the previous […] Read more

Rylan Grayston raised more than $700,000 online for his innovative 3D printer design.  |  Robin Booker photo

3D printing may help farmers

Make your own parts | New technology could help growers design small pieces, says inventor

The Saskatchewan inventor who caused an online firestorm with his redesigned 3D printer says the technology could have huge implications for farmers. “I wouldn’t say you could fix everything on your farm with one now, but it’s going to be a technology similar to the lathe,” Rylan Grayston said about the machines, which enable users […] Read more

Dave Everitt, president of John Deere's Americas and Australian ag divisions, says the company's agronomists can provide the farmer with advice using data from the farmer's machine. | Michael Raine photo

Farmsight ‘strategy’ links farmer, machine, data | Information on field conditions, agronomy and machinery telematics is gathered to tell situation on farm

DES MOINES, Iowa — Dave Everitt is excited. After 37 years of developing and marketing the world’s best known machinery, he has seen some big changes in agriculture. However, he said the technology that farmers are getting today is revolutionary. Everitt, president of John Deere’s agriculture and turf division, said strong agricultural commodity prices are […] Read more

The UniPilot guidance system can be quickly moved from one steering wheel to another.  |  Teejet photo

GPS for steering wheel

DURHAM, N.C. — TeeJet Technologies, known best for its spraying systems and nozzles, has come up with a steering wheel motor drive. While the concept dates back to the first GPS guidance system, the refinements to the units and their accuracy have improved over the years. Tim Stuenkel of TeeJet said the company saw the […] Read more