Being prepared for an emergency can save lives, heartache

When an emergency happens such as an accident, health emergency, fire or a death, personal information must be readily available. Calling for emergency personnel Knowing where you are is essential to getting help quickly. In a rural setting, the land location needs to be given first, then provide specific directions including identifiable features that may […] Read more

Score big with these hearty favourites

One of my first social outings was going to the rink for my dad’s hockey games. I grew up a rink rat and loved every aspect of the community gathering place. In those days, girls figure skated and did not play hockey, but we excelled at crack the whip and could hang on better than […] Read more

Let the celebration begin with Mardi Gras flavour

Mardi Gras, which comes after the Christian feasts of Epiphany, is the last night of eating rich foods before fasting for the Lenten season. Translated from French, it means fat Tuesday and is synonymous with the colourful festival in New Orleans that includes parades, dancing, music and food. Create festive meals with these tasty and […] Read more

Plan an extravagant dinner with Valentine’s Day fondue

Fondues, popular in the 1970s, are making a comeback. They are suitable for a casual party or a romantic dinner for two so offer a unique meal choice for Valentine’s Day. There are four kinds of fondues, including cheese, chocolate, hot oil and hot broth, and a variety of pot choices. Both a cheese and […] Read more

Wake up your taste buds with an ethnic breakfast

Breakfasts are probably the most memorable of all travel meals because they can be so strikingly different from what we have at home. Spaniards enjoy strong cafe con leche with fresh rolls and jamon ham and local cheeses. Irish breakfasts are often a heaping plate of bacon rashers, eggs, sausages, baked beans, tomatoes and brown […] Read more

Spice up your diet with turmeric

Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant and effective inflammatory that can help joint pain and arthritis as well as aid digestion and relieve heartburn. However, too much of a good thing can cause stomach upset. It can also heighten the effects of blood thinning drugs such as aspirin, stomach acid drugs and diabetes medications, so seek […] Read more

New, healthy recipes to start 2017

Each day is a new beginning and an opportunity to write your own happy ending. When we moved into our home, the first thing that I placed in the kitchen was a mug with this saying. Seeing it each morning through sleepy eyes gives me a reminder to make each day a refreshing new start. […] Read more

Meals in the Field: cookbook shares farm recipes, tips

Feeding busy farm families and farm workers has always been an essential part of a family farming operation. Preparing a variety of healthy foods for the early mornings, late night shifts and all day field work can be a challenge. The United Farmers of Alberta recognizes that. Since the first edition of the United Farm […] Read more

Think outside the recipe to use up Christmas leftovers

Christmas cooking quantities are of great concern as we picture the large group of guests eagerly anticipating the feast. And every year we overdo it and have a fridge full of leftovers. Repurposing this food in interesting ways is key to enjoying a few more meals while the food is fresh. Panettone french toast Panettone […] Read more

Holiday entertaining a breeze with oven prepared menu

Most of us look forward to socializing, good conversation and sharing decadent food with family and friends this time of year. But too often in the past I have found myself covered in flour as guests were arriving or revving up the mixer as people tried to visit over the noise of my food preparations. […] Read more