This slow roasted leg of lamb is served with balsamic glazed cipollini onions.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

Traditional Easter meal serves up lamb

Serving lamb at Easter became a custom long before the birth of Christianity. According to the Exodus story in the Bible, Jews painted their doorposts with lamb’s blood so God would pass over their homes. Egypt was suffering from many plagues including the death of all first-born sons. Later, the Jews who converted to Christianity […] Read more

Turn coloured Easter eggs into cute and delicious stuffed chick eggs. ABOVE AND RIGHT: Bacon and egg deviled eggs and California deviled eggs are alternative fillings for the stuffed “chick” eggs.    |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

It’s all about the eggs when following Easter traditions

Easter and hard-boiled, coloured eggs are a tradition in many homes. Making the perfect hard-cooked egg, which is tender with a bright yellow yolk, is easy with the correct cooking procedure. Making the perfect hard-boiled egg starts with older eggs because fresh eggs are harder to peel. Begin by placing the eggs in a single […] Read more

 A reader was looking for a black bean and rice recipe like she ate while visiting Cuba.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Readers requested recipes — and we delivered

Cuban black beans and rice Mary Hoge of Granum, Alta., was looking for a recipe for black beans and rice like they had enjoyed in Cuba. Serves eight. 2 c. dried black beans, well rinsed 500 mL 6 c. water 1.5 L 6 slices of thick bacon,diced 1 green bell pepper,chopped 1 red bell pepper,chopped […] Read more

One pot chicken and rice offers just what its name promises.  |  Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Changing seasons means changing the way we cook

We are seeing more daylight, with colourful sunrises and sunsets as winter nears an end. We are starting to put away red decor and move into the pastels of spring. I use my beautiful spring-themed serviettes around the kitchen and dining table. This small little change makes the mood fresh and light. There is a […] Read more

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How to avoid being a victim of scammers

Fraud and marketing scams result in the loss of millions of dollars every year by Canadians. Being aware of the different types of fraud and the myths that might allow fraudsters to gain your trust will protect you and your family from becoming victims. Many Canadians fall victim to crimes of fraud, regardless of education, […] Read more

Bacon pickle fries is an interesting “face cringing” appetizer.  | Jodie Morosovsky photo

Winter means time to turn to comfort foods

As we gently slide through our Canadian winter, tune in to your food cravings. Many of us adapt to the temperatures we are living in, and right now we want warm comfort food with lots of flavour and spice. Bacon pickle fries An interesting “face cringing” appetizer. 12 pickle spears 12 12 strips of bacon […] Read more

The trick to this beer and garlic pot roast is to cook it long and slow. | Betty Ann Deobald photo

Comfort food makes cold weather bearable

We feature two recipes — pot roast and baked squash — from which the leftovers can then be used to make two soups

Hot, filling food can help warm our bodies and provide a sensation of emotional comfort. Aroma-filled food that is ready when family members come in from outside take off the chill and invite them to gather around the table to enjoy the hot feast, conversation and companionship. To reduce food preparation time for busy families, […] Read more

Plants and flax consumption are two of the ideas for getting a better start on the new year. | Jodie Mirosovsky photo

New things to try at the beginning of a new year

It is the time of year that we traditionally know as “a new start.” It’s a time for renewal, but resolutions are not high on my list of things to stress over. For many people, they can lead to disappointment rather than enlightenment. Besides, we should not commit to making big changes only in January […] Read more

Some of the ways to use leftover turkey include turkey and gravy savoury waffles, turkey potato soup, turkey fried rice and turkey tetrazzini.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

Loving leftover Christmas turkey: here’s how to do it

It happens every year. The big day is over and we are left with a lot of leftovers in the fridge. It can be frustrating coming up with creative ideas to use them. First, be sure leftovers are properly stored. Turkey, stuffing and gravy must be refrigerated. Be sure the internal temperature of the food […] Read more