Slice up a tasty Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

Strawberries and rhubarb a tasty traditional treat

We can never have too many ways to enjoy strawberries. And pairing them with rhubarb is a traditional match. Did you know that there are an average of 200 seeds on every strawberry. The seeds can grow into a new plant but mostly they propagate by runners. Strawberries are considered members of the rose family. […] Read more

Shrimp Caesar with Grilled Lemon. Spot prawns came into season but any type of shrimp or prawn can be used in this salad.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

Fish and wine make for a great summer road trip

As a kid growing up on the prairies, the great Canadian road trip often took us to the Okanagan Valley. At some time between seeding and harvest we would forge out for a little vacation. Not much has changed for me. I still love that drive from the Prairies to the orchards. There isn’t a […] Read more

Preparing gizzards using the confit method for this chicken gizzard and fiddlehead salad renders them very tender.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

Here’s how to use the entire animal from nose to tail

A farmer cannot raise only pork tenderloins or hams. The idea of using the whole animal honours the animal by not wasting anything. This concept is nothing new in traditional aboriginal cooking. Not a bit of the moose goes to waste, not even the nose. Marm Bailey in Annapolis Royal was making Moose Muffle Soup […] Read more

The sauce with this pork tenderloin is also excellent on other cuts of meat or vegetables. The duchess potatoes can be seen on the side. |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

These special recipes help create a celebration for Mom

For those looking for recipes to impress Mom for Mother’s Day, pork tenderloin with Dijon Marsala sauce is a good option for its five-star restaurant flavour. Add duchess potatoes, a marinated salad, steamed broccoli or spring asparagus and a chocolate cookie for dessert. All can be completely or partially prepared ahead of time. Pork tenderloin […] Read more

This French onion soup turned out very nice in the Instant Pot. |  Sarah Galvin photo

Taking the Instant Pot out for a road test

I’m late to the instant pot craze. In fact, I actively resist it. But with an almost cult-like following of 1.3 million people on the Facebook Instant Pot Community page, I have to give it a try. The Instant Pot, which was invented by a Canadian, is a combination of a slow cooker and an […] Read more

Children who learn to cook will eat better as adults

Learning to prepare food and cook are life skills we all need. Developing these skills early in life will encourage children to make healthy food choices and increase their confidence in preparing meals for themselves and others during their entire life. Many food preparation skills build on and encourage math, reading, organizational and mechanical skills. […] Read more

Rice: the ideal food both for energy and fine dining

Most rice production is in Asia and Africa, but it is also grown in California, Central American and many countries in Europe including Italy, Spain and Portugal. There are two categories of rice: short grain and long grain. Short grain rice is starchier and better suited to pudding, risotto, sushi and paella. Long grain rice […] Read more

Spring is a great time to mix up a nutritious smoothie to start your day.  |  Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Fresh ingredients for a refreshed spring diet

Reawaken to more sunlight, the cheerful chirping birds, the sound of water running as the winter melts away and tulips popping through the still chilled earth. We even resort to a smile as we see rubber boots stuck in a puddle and mud covered clothes. Springtime is fun. It is the time of year for […] Read more