Celebrate Canada’s ethnic diversity

Celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday with this eclectic sample of recipes representing our country’s ethnic diversity. Regardless of our roots, the red and white maple leaf flag is a symbol of shared values and pride in Canada. Jellyroll 
with Strawberries A traditional jellyroll is a sponge cake but for a truly white cake, use angel food. […] Read more

Online shopping handy, but don’t be lax with security

I am in a small city on the Prairies and my shopping options are limited. Now more than ever I go to the internet to shop for my cooking needs. My first online shopping experience was about 10 years ago when I wanted a pressure canner. I found what I wanted online at Golda’s Kitchen […] Read more

Celebrate Father’s Day with his favourites

Food nourishes us physically and emotionally. Many of us express our love through gifts of food or by making a favourite dish for a special person. Here are some ideas as we celebrate the men in our lives on Father’s Day or on other special occasions. Barbecue Greek 
Pork Back Ribs These tender and tasty […] Read more

Everything’s coming up rhubarb

Fresh picked rhubarb dipped in sugar was a real treat in my childhood. Even with its tartness, it was enjoyed on a warm spring day after a long winter of eating mostly frozen or canned fruits and vegetables. The early shoots are tender but wilt quickly and need to be stored in the fridge and […] Read more

Tea leaves: steep, soak, smoke or sautee

In the Middle East, tea is all about being social, in Japan it is ceremonious, in India it is valued for its Ayurvedic health qualities and in China, historically, it was medicinal. While most of us think of tea as a beverage, it also has a centuries-old history of being used in cooking. One notable […] Read more

U of S celebrates 100 years of home economics

Immigration and western expansion in Canada brought pioneer families to isolated farms, many with little or no farming experience. Safe water, food production and preservation were critical issues along with hygiene, sanitation, disease and food availability. Home economics began in the late 1800s in response to worldwide change and development. The agrarian way of life […] Read more

Maple syrup — sweet, flavourful and good for you

Maple syrup is a pure, natural sweetener with the only other liquid natural sweetener being honey. Maple syrup is a good source of riboflavin and manganese and has the trace minerals potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. Canada supplies about 80 percent of the world’s maple syrup, and 90 percent of the Canadian syrup comes […] Read more

Cooking with flax; one of Canada’s super foods

Canada’s climate is credited with the higher oil content and superior oil quality in Canadian flaxseed, which contains nutrients that health experts recommend for better health and disease reduction. Nutritionists recommend eating less saturated fat and trans fats and more polyunsaturated fatty acids. More than 70 percent of the fat in flaxseed is the polyunsaturated […] Read more

Being prepared for an emergency can save lives, heartache

When an emergency happens such as an accident, health emergency, fire or a death, personal information must be readily available. Calling for emergency personnel Knowing where you are is essential to getting help quickly. In a rural setting, the land location needs to be given first, then provide specific directions including identifiable features that may […] Read more

Score big with these hearty favourites

One of my first social outings was going to the rink for my dad’s hockey games. I grew up a rink rat and loved every aspect of the community gathering place. In those days, girls figure skated and did not play hockey, but we excelled at crack the whip and could hang on better than […] Read more