Serve Thai shrimp dumplings with steamed rice and stir-fried vegetables.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

Dumplings help make Lunar New Year a special time

Feb. 5 marks Chinese New Year’s Eve, the year of the Pig. It is also called the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival. Although it’s still cold, the coldest days are over. Celebrations carry on for 15 days with festive foods and family visits. Children receive lucky money in gold-embellished red envelopes. Family kitchens […] Read more

Pap, a traditional white maize meal dish, is served with curry, stew, grilled meats or vegetable stir fry. It is similar to western polenta or grits. In East Africa it is known as ugali.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

African safari introduces travellers to new cuisine

Tours to explore the national parks and game preserves of Africa have become a source of income and pride for many people who live in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and other African nations. The thrill of sitting in an open safari truck as a large male lion walks toward the vehicle and then leaps, only to […] Read more

Have your meat and potatoes in one simple dish. This traditional oven meal is perfect for a cold winter night.  | Betty Ann Deobald photo

There’s nothing like comfort food for a cold January

When the cold January winds blow it is a good time to settle in with a good book and some nice, warm foods that stimulate strong memories of home and family. Some of these recipes are from our readers and others are from my family’s recipe box. Ye Olde Shepherd’s Pie Nielle Hawkwood of Cochrane, […] Read more

Toss up some cranberry and chicken into a mealtime salad.  |  Jodie Mirosovsky photo

New year is good time to find ways to renew ourselves

As we transition out of the holidays, refresh yourself by ensuring that your surroundings are pleasing to you. Your home should be your haven, a place that brings you into balance and not into a whirlwind. There are a variety of ways to renew ourselves: Different perspective By learning to look at the cup as half […] Read more

A fun and colourful popcorn cake is one that the kids are sure to like making and eating.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Reader favourites help make Christmas more enjoyable

Thank you to all of our readers for your readership and support throughout this past year. We wish you abundant joy and happiness during this holiday season. Our family favourite recipes contest this fall encouraged several of our readers to share recipes that are part of their family’s Christmas tradition. The following are a few […] Read more

Remove the wishbone before carving the turkey. It will be easier to make nice cuts off the breast.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

These tips can help make Christmas dinner a success

The countdown is on. Although Christmas dinner is usually a set menu, it is nice to change things up from time to time. If it is your first time hosting, then here are some tried and true tips for success. The best mashed potatoes Starchy potatoes such as Yukon gold or russets are the best […] Read more

It’s not Christmas without holiday cookies.  |  Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Some Christmas recipe favourites are worth repeating

Holidays are fast approaching and as usual we are thinking about food. Each year I make our favourite sweets and appetizers, and gatherings are just not complete if I don’t serve these recipes. Instead of fumbling through recipe cards, old columns and well used cookbooks, I decided to offer my holiday indulgences on two pages, […] Read more

Nadia Yakielashek’s delicious apple slice recipe eats like a slice but tastes like apple pie. It was drawn from all the entries we received for our family favourites recipe contest. Nadia will receive a hamper of donated Saskatchewan-made products. | Betty Ann Deobald photo

It’s easy to see why these are family favourites

Thank you to all of our readers who shared their favourite family recipes. We received many wonderful recipes, family stories and food memories. From all of the recipes, Nadia Yakielashek’s apple slice was drawn to receive our Saskatchewan-made products hamper. Yakielashek is from Dauphin, Man. Nadia’s apple slice Tastes just like apple pie, so delicious. […] Read more

These firecracker shrimp are more interesting than a grocery store shrimp ring and take only minutes to make.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

Christmas season foods for entertaining

The Christmas season sneaks up on us every year, and every year we search for new recipe ideas. Simple is best. And if it can be made in advance, even better. There tends to be no end of sweets, but interesting savoury foods are sometimes lacking. Firecracker shrimp Skip the usual shrimp ring this year […] Read more

This mechanical sewing machine uses buttons and dials to select the stitch type, width and length. The sewing table opens to store accessories and is removable to convert the machine to an open arm for use in setting in sleeves and mending pant legs.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Sewing machines enter a new age with many choices

Sewing machines have changed dramatically in the past 10 years for two reasons: advancements in computerization and technology, and requests by quilters for specific features. The sewing machine manufacturing industry has eagerly embraced computer technology to create precision machines that now incorporate computerized artistic design features, a tablet-size screen for programming and robotic quilting machines. […] Read more