Use a variety of herbs from those on hand. Lavender, oregano, thyme and mint from the garden work well. Stuff the fish and tie with butcher’s string to hold it all together.  |  Sarah Glavin photo

Summer at its best: barbecue on the coals

For the past 10 or more years, I have been using my little Weber barbecue with natural charcoal and I totally forget that most everyone else is using gas or propane. What it lacks in convenience it makes up for in flavour. So, I when I ask friends to go out and check the barbecue […] Read more

Eggplants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The white eggplants have a thicker skin and firmer flesh. These must be peeled before using. Eggplants charred over hot coals acquire a smoky flavour.  | Sarah Galvin photo

Eggplants a mainstay of Mediterranean cooking

Eggplant, also called aubergine, originated in India where it continues to grow wild. As trade routes opened, eggplant was introduced to Europe by the Arabs and transported to Africa by the Persians. The Spaniards carried it with them to the New World and, by the early 1800s, both white and purple varieties could be found […] Read more

Saskatoon berries are so good right off the bush. They are also a great addition to your favourite summer desserts.  |  Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Freshly picked finger foods help add to the beach fun

Summer is about escaping from our regular schedules. We all need to get away from the daily grind to renew and refresh. Some people enjoy a stay-cation, relaxing in their own surroundings, others choose short trips to explore their community or province, and still others prefer to pack up the family and go farther away […] Read more

Sweet tea is refreshing on a hot day. Make this into a wine spritzer by mixing equal portions tea with white wine and chill.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

Saskatoon berries spark fond summertime memories

A favourite childhood memory for many of us who grew up on the Prairies is foraging for saskatoon berries. I have given little thought to the differences between wild foraged and cultivated types. Like any other fruit or berry, each type will have its own particular characteristics. I asked Elaine Bouvier of Bouvier’s Berry Basket […] Read more

Browning a roast on a barbecue before cooking in a slow cooker produces a rich beef flavour and colour in the broth.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Make-ahead food for leisurely summer entertaining

Whether at the cabin, entertaining on the back deck or for busy farm seasons, food prepared ahead of time frees up the cook to enjoy the fun or help with the work. Barbecue slow cooker beef dip Beef roast is browned on the barbecue and then cooked in a flavourful broth. The sliced meat is […] Read more

This chicken taco salad is sure to please the whole family.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

Three reasons to eat salad every day (if you need them)

There are many good reasons to eat salads. First, leafy greens and raw vegetables are a natural source of dietary fibre. Fibre helps to reduce LDL or “bad” cholesterol. It helps to control blood sugar. It normalizes bowel movements and helps in the prevention of bowel disease. Fibre intake also helps with maintaining a healthy […] Read more

Sheet pan dinners are versatile with no limit except your imagination.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

Prepare fast and fresh meals, just in time for spring

May long weekend marks the unofficial beginning of cottage season. We are moving from spring into summer. It’s OK to plant the garden, put out our bedding plants and open the pool. The May long weekend is recognized as a celebration of the Queen’s birthday. Although our reigning queen’s birthday is in June, it is […] Read more

Serve lemon ricotta pancakes with whipped cream and maple syrup. A mimosa is a special touch. The drink is called mimosa because the bright colour resembles the blooming mimosa tree, the symbol of the Mediterranean spring.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

Mother’s Day celebration can be either small or large

Finding just the right way to honour your mom on Mother’s Day can be challenging. One can never go wrong with flowers and chocolates. A family brunch brings the whole clan together and can be planned as a potluck so that not all the work falls on one person. Or the celebration can be a […] Read more

Vietnamese-style fresh rolls are like a shrimp salad in a roll served with peanut sauce. Create some visual appeal with fresh herbs or fruit when placing the filling items on the softened transparent rice paper.  |  Betty Ann Deobald photo

Fresh spring rolls one way to make eating light possible

For many people, spring, the season of new growth and renewal, is synonymous with fresh food and lighter, simpler meals. Spring rolls are one of those simplified foods. Originally from eastern and southeastern Asia, spring rolls have been enjoyed and adapted to western culture. The thin rice paper rolls are filled with raw vegetables, cold […] Read more

One can never have too many ideas for meatballs. Try these sweet and sour Syrian meatballs at your next potluck.  |  Sarah Galvin photo

Food plays important role in passover celebration

Passover celebrates the journey of Jews from slavery in Egypt. It is a celebration of spring, birth and rebirth. Passover is observed for seven days. This year it will be celebrated from April 19-27. Jewish people live throughout the world so don’t confuse Israeli food with Jewish food. King Solomon’s Table, written by Joan Nathan, […] Read more