Saucy meatballs are a dinner hit with everyone. | Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Column’s 25th anniversary remembered with recipes

It has been 25 years since TEAM Resources pulled up to the writer’s desk for this column. Myself, Alma Copeland and Betty Ann Deobald had attended the Canadian Home Economics conference in Saskatoon in 1992 and came away driven to find a way to share information with families and individuals on everyday essentials like food, […] Read more

This sheet chicken and roasted vegetables dish is easily adapted to feed one or two or easily increased to feed a large number. | Betty Ann Deobald photo

Cooking for a crew can also be adapted for one and two

A crew can be a family or a group of farm workers. Most recipes can be divided by two or three to reduce the size to feed one or two people. Conversely, they can be multiplied two or more times to increase it for more people. What are your favourite recipes for feeding your crew? […] Read more

This spicy chicken taco was made with soft corn tortillas, but a crisp taco shell could also be used.  | Sarah Galvin photo

Meal kits have increased in popularity during pandemic

One of the hottest food trends of 2020 was the meal kit. The kits have been on the scene for six or seven years but in 2020 they really took off. One company alone has more than 2,000 employees across Canada. The social media followers range from 80,000 to more than two million people on […] Read more

Chocolate and cherries meet in this decadent dessert.  | Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Valentine’s Day does not have to be boring during a pandemic

Before long we will have all experienced a pandemic first. First birthday, first Christmas and now a first Valentine’s Day season without social gatherings to feed our spirits. In winter, these little social perks are important. One thing that is often done during Valentine’s Day is dining out, and sharing with special people in our […] Read more

Sesame sauce and peanuts add a rich, nutty flavour to a noodle bowl of fresh chopped vegetables and chicken. The sesame sauce can also be used to marinate the chicken before stir-frying.  | Betty Ann Deobald photo

Asian noodle bowls can be light and filling comfort food

Noodle bowls and soups are traditional comfort foods in Asian cuisines. They are light and filling and can be creatively adapted for any diet and taste. These recipes are excellent for those seeking to eat fewer carbohydrates, especially breads, pasta, sweets and starchy vegetables, and more fresh vegetables and proteins, for weight loss or a […] Read more

The Bacardi rum cake is so quick to make and only gets better the longer it sits.  | Sarah Galvin photo

Baking a cake can be therapeutic, relaxing — and tasty

Cakes are comfort food at its sweetest. They have the power to transport us to past birthdays, weddings, engagements, babies and vacations with just one bite. The best cakes can be whipped up in a flash and others are a labour of love. Making a cake has the added benefit of being therapeutic and relaxing. […] Read more

A juicy slow cooked beef roast is convenient and tasty.  | Jodie Mirosovsky photo

Slower pace gives families time to enjoy food together

As we begin our journey through 2021, given the past years’ experience, I think that I have been reminded of the quote, “when one door closes, another one opens.” We have had to stay home, slow down and find comfort in our immediate surroundings. Our world as we knew it was fast–paced and for many, […] Read more

Whatever the season, all I need to do is look out my kitchen window or step out my back door, and beauty and wildlife are mine to enjoy. In summer I wake to a chorus of birdsong. Robins and chickadees, finches and nuthatches, woodpeckers and blue jays perch in the trees surrounding our farm home. They sing and chatter as they wait for their turn at the feeder, just a few feet and a pane of glass from my breakfast table.  |  Maureen Pocock photo

WP readers share their stories of coping with COVID-19

The year 2020 will long be remembered for many reasons, the least of which may be the coping skills that were developed. In September, we asked our readers to share how they were coping with COVID-19 and we received many wonderful and heartwarming stories. From doing more writing, photography, sewing and gardening to learning new […] Read more

I planted a garden and tended it every second I wasn't busy doing something else. When I was in my garden,

Contest winners help cope with COVID

The TEAM column, which can be found every week in The Western Producer’s Farm Living section, ran a contest this fall looking for reader thoughts on how to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. The winners are Beverly Biggeman of Redcliff, Alta., and Tom Shoebottom of Englehart, Ont. Betty Ann Deobald’s column in the Jan. 7 […] Read more