Feds announce help for TB quarantine crisis

Assistance is coming to producers faced with extraordinary costs as a result of being quarantined due to bovine tuberculosis. Help is coming through the AgriRecovery program, which is designed to provide help during a disaster like a disease outbreak when cattle cannot be sold. Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAuley said today in a news release that […] Read more

CFIA staff adequate to conduct TB tests: chief vet

Canada’s chief veterinarian says it has enough resources to test all the animals quarantined due to tuberculosis in southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. During a special meeting of the Senate agriculture committee Nov. 29, Harpreet Kochhar of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency said the testing requires specially trained veterinarians to draw blood and perform skin tests. […] Read more

More cattle positive for TB

Ranchers with cattle herds in quarantine travelled to Ottawa Nov. 21 to give a briefing scheduled the following day to the federal agriculture committee. Brad Osadszuk, owner of the cow initially confirmed with bovine tuberculosis, and others were invited by the committee to brief members on the situation in southeastern Alberta that now has 36 […] Read more

TB takes terrible toll

‘I was sick for the industry:’ Alberta ranchers worry about what happens next after one cow was diagnosed with tuberculosis

BROOKS, Alta. — Sleepless nights and worry: that’s what about 50 ranchers in southeastern Alberta are experiencing as their cattle herds remain in quarantine. One cow that grazed in a community pasture near Jenner and Suffield was diagnosed with tuberculosis in mid-September after being shipped to the United States. The cow belonged to Brad Osadczuk, […] Read more