The uproar against the federal government’s tax proposals shows small businesses have a powerful voice and need to keep pushing for change.  |  File photo

Feds’ daft tax plan shows people power

You can’t blame business owners for feeling like they’re being bombarded by government. Increased employment insurance premiums, new environmental levies, minimum wage hikes: announcements about new taxes and regulations became a common occurrence in 2017. But perhaps the most significant tax announcement of the year, maybe the most significant in decades came this summer, when […] Read more

The previous hard-line taken by Prime Minister Trudeau and defiant tone of Finance Minister Morneau were replaced with a more compassionate tone, as they talked about their intentions and support of small businesses as they visited a Toronto-area family-owned pizzaria. | Screencap via

Government backs off on biggest farm tax proposal

After hearing the federal government is backing off from re-engineering capital gains tax exemptions, Ron Bonnett breathed a sigh of relief. “They seem to be responding to those concerns,” said Bonnett, president of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture said in an interview Oct. 16. “When they introduced the proposals, I don’t think they realized what […] Read more

A leading national expert on tax laws said the government’s proposals are both too much and too little. The proposed changes could have many unintended consequences, such as discriminating against family transfers versus selling to non-family members and creating a less fair system than the one now in place. | File photo

Expert offers fixes for ‘disappointing’ tax reform proposals

A leading national expert on tax laws has some advice for the federal government as it wraps up the consultation period on its proposed tax reform: Fix the transition impacts of the broad changes it is proposing. Fix the family succession problem it will create if it makes the changes it is proposing. Prove that […] Read more

Federal tax proposals may bring in $250 million annually but the implications for the agrifood sector will be costly.  |  File photo

Tax reforms fail to understand ag sector

Until recently, two things were certain in life: death and taxes. We can now add a third one: botching the promotion of a tax reform for political gains. Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s tax reform has been a communications disaster. Claims about Ottawa’s intentions to revamp our tax system for small corporations have been ridiculous. Some […] Read more

The National Farmers Union says several of its incorporated members have asked their accountants’ opinion on implications for their farms and all were assured that the proposed legislation would have no negative impacts for them.  |  File photo

Remove the heat from tax debate

The federal government is proposing changes to the Income Tax Act aimed at collecting revenue from corporations that are using certain measures as loopholes to shelter profits from being taxed at the same rate as other Canadians’ income. There is a heated debate in the farm community about these tax proposals, largely because some organizations […] Read more

The federal finance minister assures farmers that they are not the target of recently proposed tax changes.  |  File photo

Tax proposals about fairness: minister

Our government is committed to Canada’s farmers and growing the agri-food sector. In our last budget, we recognized the agri-food sector as one of the most important for Canada’s economy, setting an ambitious goal to increase agri-food exports to $75 billion by 2025. We also allocated millions to agricultural research and more value-added processing and […] Read more

The new rules, as proposed, seek to create new or improved tax streams for government. However, they fail to take into account that farms are different from other businesses. | File photo

Feds refuse to back down on proposed tax changes

Farmers hoping for changes to federal tax proposals got little relief from Finance Minister Bill Morneau and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week. The government’s apparent decision to stay the on course on tax revisions has left many tax planners pessimistic that the federal proposals can be substantially modified before they are implemented. “Morneau and […] Read more

The Coalition for Small Business Tax Fairness had 55 groups as of September 8, including many major agriculture organizations such as the Canadian Association of Farm Advisors, the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association and the Canadian Pork Council. 
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Coalition against tax change growing

A wave of outrage and opposition is building in the fight against the federal government’s attempt to impose major tax changes on farmers and other small businesses, says an organizer of a coalition objecting to the changes. “This coalition is really gaining momentum,” said Marilyn Braun-Pollon, who specializes in farm and agricultural issues for the […] Read more