The economics of installing solar systems have been improving, and many farmers have experience with solar-powered water systems so they can feel more comfortable with the idea.  |  File photo

Weighing greener energy options on the farm

The trend toward renewable energy is not limited to solar panels on urban rooftops or large-scale wind farms. More and more, farmers and rural residents are choosing sustainable options for power. They’re looking to avoid the high capital cost of utility installation as well as the carbon tax. Jason Praski, an engineer who worked for […] Read more

Jenna and Brett Hauck use solar power on their ranch near Halkirk, Alta., as a tool to help them holistically manage their cattle.  |  Jeremy Simes photo

Ranchers see benefit using solar power

Halkirk, Alta. — When it comes to ranching, Jenna and Brett Hauck sometimes feel like they’re the odd couple out. Unlike most cow-calf operations, they use solar power to run their farm near Halkirk and try to keep their animals out of the feedlot as much as possible during winter. “It’s really thinking back to […] Read more