Eliminating food waste is one of the goals of Walmart’s Project Gigaton.  |  REUTERS/Rick Wilking photos

Retail chain and its suppliers make sustainability a focus

Firms such as Maple Leaf Foods, Unilever Canada and Agropure join Walmart Canada’s Project Gigaton, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the supply chain

Walmart Canada is joining an initiative to reduce emissions from its global supply chains. “I’m very pleased to announce that externally we’re going to be launching Project Gigaton in Canada, which is a big deal for us,” Walmart Canada president Lee Tappenden said April 10. The kick-off coincided with Walmart’s annual Sustainability Milestone Summit in […] Read more

Sustainability, best practices and processes should be verifiable.  |  Katelyn Duncan photo

Verification systems necessary for best practices

The word sustainability means something different to everyone, and this is somewhat problematic. If I were to ask an entire room of farmers if their farm is sustainable, likely every one of them would raise their hands. It seems odd, considering that no two farms are the same. Current sustainability dialogue for grain crops is […] Read more

Removing livestock from much of the ranch and pastureland wouldn’t likely increase food production or sustainability.  |  File photo

Livestock removal hurts sustainability

In discussions over food security and climate change, a common statement made by non-governmental organizations is that one of our staple food sources, livestock protein, needs to be eliminated from human consumption to meet future food demands as well as greenhouse gas emission targets. One of the main arguments made is that cutting livestock from […] Read more

Elysia Vandenhurk of Three Farmers Foods displays the traceability labelling on their camelina oil.  |  William DeKay photo

The story behind the product

It’s difficult to sum up a personal belief or a business philosophy in a single sentence. But Three Farmers, a Saskatchewan company that produces culinary camelina oil and chickpea snacks, pulled off the trick on its website. “As in life, every experience is enhanced when there is a story and truth behind it; why would […] Read more

Cargill’s traceability measures include canola, beef and turkeys.  |  File photo

Supply chain becoming more transparent

Sustainability continues to be a major focus for Cargill, says a company official who spoke at the Farms at the Table conference hosted by Farm and Food Care in Saskatoon last month. “Sustainability is important to Cargill’s strategic direction. It’s a key focus of our organization,” Jeff Wildeman said. “Here’s the thing: other large consumer […] Read more

Author Gary Kleppel argues that problems resulting from industrial agriculture and monoculture demand a transition to smaller farming operations.  |  File photo

Farmers can answer modern challenges

The following is a summary of the case made for agricultural change in the book The Emergent Agriculture; farming, sustainability and the return of the local economy, provided by author Gary Kleppel. The observation that “The only constant is change,” credited to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus (ca. 500 BC) is nowhere more appropriate than in […] Read more