Canadian dairy sector needs to adapt

Now that we have clarity on the economic future of the CWB, attention is slowly turning toward the issue of supply management, which has arguably served our agricultural economy well for decades. Supply management controls domestic production and imports for five specific commodities: eggs, milk, chicken, turkey and broiler-hatching eggs. This system regulates domestic production […] Read more

Protectionism hinders trade deals, says policy group

In line with a recent stream of supply management criticism, the C.D. Howe Institute has published a report that calls the protectionist policy a barrier to ambitious trade deals. In particular, the institute’s February commentary portrayed it as a “supply management stumbling block” to Canada being allowed to join trade talks in the Trans-Pacific Partnership […] Read more

Dairy website aims to deliver ‘real’ story

Campaign fights back | Media full of distorted and twisted information, says DFC president

Dairy Farmers of Canada has launched an aggressive campaign to confront its critics in the face of incessant demands that supply management be weakened or abandoned as a trade liberalization concession. Last week during its annual policy conference, the organization an-
nounced the launch of a new website at that will give the dairy farmer […] Read more