Latest NAFTA talks wrap, U.S. demands Canada end supply management

The fourth round of NAFTA negotiations wrapped up earlier this week with one certainty: there will be more talks. Despite an earlier U.S.-imposed deadline of the end of this year to reach a deal, trade representative Robert Lighthizer announced the country would participate in negotiations at least until the end of next March. The fifth […] Read more

Feds remain staunch supporters of supply management

Canada will continue to defend its supply management system for dairy in the face of American demands for greater transparency and access in a renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement. Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay said Oct. 16 the Canadian government and its negotiators remain firm in their support. In a conference call from Europe, where […] Read more

Avoiding dairy sector’s boom and bust

Re: Minister Freeland on NAFTA: “Maintaining Canada’s traditional protections under NAFTA… to preserve Canadian culture and Canada’s system of supply management.” With North American Free Trade Agreement talks starting, most people do not know enough about Canada’s supply management system in the dairy industry and how it compares to the American dairy industry, to understand […] Read more

Making the case for supply management

With negotiations on a new North American Free Trade Agreement underway, it is appropriate for Canadians to ask: whither supply management? Supply management is the system in Canada within which products such as dairy (including cheese), chicken, turkey and eggs are produced and sold. It severely restricts the importation of such products from abroad and […] Read more

Canadian dairy looks to protect domestic market ahead of NAFTA talks

WINNIPEG — The head of Canada’s dairy industry group highlighted the role of Canadian dairy producers in the domestic market as the potential for trade agreement renegotiations loom. U.S. President Donald Trump said earlier in the year he was considering pulling the U.S. from the North American Free Trade Agreement, but later shifted his position […] Read more

Dairy producers respond to Trump’s attack on industry

Canadian dairy farmers say they won’t be cowed by criticism from other countries — or other Canadians — about their supply managed system. However, they are getting weary of being under attack. “It would be nice to not be the centre of attention,” said Dairy Farmers of Manitoba chair David Wiens. The system set up […] Read more

Bernier takes on supply management in Conservative leadership race

The future of Canada’s supply management system for milk, eggs and poultry has been thrust onto the national political agenda by a top candidate for the federal Conservative party leadership Maxime Bernier. Bernier is calling for the abolition of the system after a new levy on dairy products builds enough funds to reimburse farmers for […] Read more

Tours educate about supply managed sectors

PONOKA, Alta. — It could have been called Supply Management 101. The growing opposition to supply management recently prompted a group of producers and officials from supply managed industries to invite reporters and politicians to tour their farms and learn what their businesses are all about. “I think it’s very misunderstood in a lot of […] Read more

Critics lack understanding of system: CFA

The recent barrage of supply management criticism is either ill informed or ideologically driven, says the leader of Canada’s largest farm organization, which represents supply management agencies. Canadian Federation of Agriculture president Ron Bonnett said the “flurry” of negative studies and media stories about the drawbacks of the dairy, poultry and egg marketing systems is […] Read more

Supply management ‘a problem,’ says former Liberal MP

A political hot potato Trade critic Martha Hall Findlay says supply management should be ended but no one will take a public stand

Martha Hall Findlay, former Liberal MP, trade critic and leadership candidate, says it is time federal politicians escaped the political grip of the dairy farmer lobby and ended supply management. This week, she publishes a paper on the issue written for the University of Calgary School of Public Policy that is certain to stir up […] Read more