Spray technology

Three years deposition experience Robert Brunel has often used a deposition agent in his Apache high clearance sprayer in the past three years. WinField’s InterLock has cost him $1 to $3 per acre, depending on wind, the crop and the product he’s spraying. He said it’s a small price to pay for the benefit he […] Read more

Less time spent filling means more time spent spraying

Cutting sprayer fill times in half would significantly improve farmers’ bottom lines, says a spraying systems engineer. Syngenta researcher Doug Baumann has developed and proofed a mathematical model showing how a producer can fill a 1,200 gallon sprayer in six to eight minutes. He said optimizing fill time is the easiest way for farmers to […] Read more

Ontario growers failing to prevent herbicide drift

RIDGETOWN, Ont. — Herbicide drift can be managed, but the risk may be too great even when the best protocols are in place. “If there are sensitive crops around you, you can make the decision not to apply a chemical,” said Adam Pfeffer, a development representative with Monsanto. “If a plant is sensitive to a […] Read more

Effective spraying starts at the top

Dual tip nozzles may be great for fusarium, but planning and timing are more critical than the technology

PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, Man. — Only 15 percent of the efficacy of a crop protection package depends on application technology and the spray operation itself. Thinking accounts for the other 85 percent. In fact, technology and application rank a distant third place on the list of three factors that affect the success of a crop […] Read more

Correct nozzle use moves to political radar

Using the right nozzle for the right product at the right water rate could some day become a legal requirement. Tom Wolf of Agrimetrix in Saskatoon says farmers need to consider their application methods as carefully as they do their rates of product. “Legislation is in all of our futures,” he told a farm meeting […] Read more

Sprayer cleanup not to be ignored

Chemicals can build up in the sprayer and cause problems for later operations if they are not properly cleaned out

A spray day doesn’t end when the farmer parks the rig. Producers who use Group 2 products that are formulated as a dry fine ground powder have one more important task when they park the sprayer: cleanup. The issue is compounded if they mix Group 2 dry products with other products that have an oily […] Read more

Better efficacy with less water

A spray plane equipped with rotary fan atomizer nozzles can reduce drift and put more product on a crop while dramatically reducing water volume. Until recently, aerial applicators with standard nozzles typically put down three to five gallons of water per acre. However, applicators who equip their planes with Davidon Hi-Tek rotary fan atomizer nozzles […] Read more

Disposal unit all about saving time

Pesticide jugs Service seeks to increase number of chemical containers that are disposed of properly

FARGO, N.D. —Last year, a Kansas company asked 175 farmers about their farm’s jug handling programs and was surprised by the response: they had no programs. “Over 90 percent of the guys admit to throwing unrinsed jugs into the back of their pickup,” said Ralph Lagergren. “Plus, nearly 95 percent of farmers we surveyed said […] Read more