Jason Beuligmann of Deere debuted the new carbon fibre booms at the company’s Des Moines Works in Iowa last month. Carbon fibre reduces weight and adds flexibility to booms 120 feet 
and wider.
|  Michael Raine photo

Sprayers shed weight, get selective

BOONE, Iowa — Big and light — that’s the idea behind carbon fibre sprayer booms. John Deere began offering its version this year, starting with the Latin American market. That makes sense from a historical point of view. King Agro is one of the world’s only manufacturers of carbon fibre sprayer booms, and its 23-year […] Read more

Jason Deveau of Ontario Agriculture advised farmers attending Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show about controlling drift and maximizing spray that is on-target.  |  Michael Raine photo

Air-assist systems reduce spray drift

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — A lot is asked of farm sprayers and nozzles. Big, air-filled droplet packages are required that will resist drift under windy and thermal inversion conditions and are able to keep even the most aggressive herbicides from going off target. However, fine particles are also needed and must be applied like paint to […] Read more

Even without the strobe turned on, the basic LED mounted at each nozzle provides an accurate view of what the spray pattern looks like.  With the strobe mode operating, it’s possible to study the pattern even in broad daylight.  Anderson says nozzle checking can be done in your house during the winter. In this photo, it looks like he’s checking nozzles in his basement.  |  Bryan Anderson photo

Make your spray droplets glow in the dark

Farmers who like the way a disco strobe does that freeze-frame trick on their dance partner will love the way it stops action on their spray pattern. Moving those strobe lights from the disco to the spray boom might give them an entirely new perspective on what they’re doing in the field at night. Many […] Read more

The Pattern Master concept is simple yet effective.  It’s a brush that hangs on the front side of the nozzle to cut wind shear.  In doing so, it increases Dropletscan software readings by as much as 92 percent compared to nozzles without the brush.   |  Pattern Master photo

Brush your cares away, go spray

A Wisconsin inventor hopes farmers will be interested in spending $4,000 to equip their spray booms with a new device he says can increase target coverage by 92 percent. Kurt Kamin has merged his experience as a sprayer operator with his pilot experience to develop a brush that hangs in front of each nozzle to […] Read more

Stop boom bouncing, banging and breaking

BRANDON — Sophisticated sonar boom height controls are great with a uniform top crop surface. However, an undulating surface will have those booms bouncing, banging and even breaking. The problem is that these systems take a sonar reading from a high spot in the crop, then a low spot, then a high spot again, followed […] Read more

New Holland's SPF sprayer has six feet of crop clearance. Tread width is hydraulically adjustable from 120 to 160 inches. The price is around $300,000, depending on size and options. | New Holland photo

New Holland debuts front boom sprayer

With the introduction of its Guardian SPF sprayers, New Holland has joined the growing group of companies selling front boom sprayers. The concept of mounting a spray boom on the front of the sprayer is not new, dating back to the 1960s when Ray Hagie moved the booms to the front of his model 435 […] Read more