New U.S. secretary of agriculture says ‘COOL is a settled issue’

TORONTO — If American farm groups, legislators or even fellow members of cabinet come to him recommending that the U.S. reimpose country-of-origin labelling, Sonny Perdue won’t be encouraging them. “I think what I would advise them is to persuade the World Trade Organization to change their mind (first),” the U.S. secretary of agriculture said in […] Read more

The new face of American agriculture

Meet Sonny Perdue. A veteran politician, businessman and farmer, the new U.S. secretary of agriculture has definite ideas about America’s role in trade and farm policy. What will this mean for Canadian farmers? Age 70, married with four adult children and 14 grandchildren. Born on a mixed grain farm in Bonaire, Georgia. Is actively licensed […] Read more

U.S. ag secretary hopes to ‘modernize’ NAFTA, not break it

TORONTO, Ont. — If Canada wanted a friend inside the Donald Trump administration, one who has deep Canadian friendships and a desire to boost U.S.-Canada trade, they appear to have gotten lucky in Sonny Perdue. The U.S. Secretary of Agriculture was warmly received when he appeared at the Southeastern United States-Canadian Provinces Alliance conference June […] Read more