Signs posted along a road in Alberta’s Vulcan County near where the Travers Solar Project is being built  demonstrate that not all rural residents are in favour of renewable energy project development in the  province. | Alex McCuaig photo

Solar power projects take big leap in Alberta

Municipalities told they can expect more than $100 million in tax revenue over the 35-year life of these energy projects

It’s been more than five years since the Green Acres Hutterite Colony near Bassano, Alta., powered up what was then the largest solar project in the country with its two-megawatt installation. Now, Vulcan County’s Travers Solar Project is set to trump Green Acres in power production with a 465-megawatt project set to start up next […] Read more

The economics of installing solar systems have been improving, and many farmers have experience with solar-powered water systems so they can feel more comfortable with the idea.  |  File photo

Weighing greener energy options on the farm

The trend toward renewable energy is not limited to solar panels on urban rooftops or large-scale wind farms. More and more, farmers and rural residents are choosing sustainable options for power. They’re looking to avoid the high capital cost of utility installation as well as the carbon tax. Jason Praski, an engineer who worked for […] Read more

The solar energy system EVOLVsolar installed on Joe Wecker’s farm in southern Saskatchewan will produce approximately 130,000 kilowatt hours per year. | photo by EVOLVsolar

Rebates make solar power a ‘no-brainer’

UPDATE: September 23, 2019 – The day this story was posted SaskPower announced it was halting its net metering program. The program is currently “under review.” Joe Wecker spent years looking into a solar power system for his organic farm in southern Saskatchewan, but it didn’t make financial sense until a rebate program was introduced by […] Read more

SaskPower says interest is soaring in its net metering program, which allows landowners to make their own electricity. | Getty Images

Future bright for solar power

SaskPower says interest is soaring in its net metering program, which allows landowners to make their own electricity

Interest in solar power continues to grow rapidly in Saskatchewan as consumers and property owners look for greener ways to power their homes, farms and businesses. Joel Cherry, a spokesperson for SaskPower, said hundreds of new solar power clients have signed onto the crown corporation’s newly expanded net metering program since the program was updated […] Read more