Soil erodes and collects north of Lumsden, Sask., in another wind event during the spring of 2020.  |  Mike Raine photo

Canadian farm soils still on the move

Soil specialist says the nation’s farmland and tillage erosion remains a problem; farmer fatigue might have set in

Soil erosion continues to cost agriculture and the economy substantially and more needs to be done to protect moderately to severely eroded soils. This was the take home message of David Lobb’s video presentation during the University of Saskatchewan’s annual Soils and Crops Workshop that was held virtually this year. “Conservation tillage, no-till and zero-till […] Read more

Farm couple Cody Straza and Allison Squires will be integrating cattle onto their farm next year to improve the soil. |  Jeremy Simes photo

Bringing in livestock key to rebuilding soil

More farmers are starting to use livestock to help regenerate soils, which can reduce inputs and produce higher yields down the road. They spoke about their livestock integration plans during the Western Canada Conference on Soil Health and Grazing held in Edmonton Dec. 5-7. Cody Straza and Allison Squires have an organic grain farm near […] Read more

Research in Alberta has shown that tracked tractors have advantages in flotation and pulling power but are not better at soil compaction than wheeled tractors.  |  File photo

Reduced axle load lowers tractor impact

Soil compaction research finds no advantage to tracked tractors over conventional machines

Tracked tractors don’t reduce soil compaction, says an Alberta government official. Lawrence Papworth of Alberta Agriculture’s livestock production and energy section said many producers think tracks will limit the problem, but research shows otherwise. “In general, there is no difference between soil compaction with track tractors and wheel tractors,” he told a Jan. 20 Manure […] Read more