Marla Riekman watches as a clod of soil disintegrates in water. This soil is from a conventionally tilled field with annual crops. Soils from no-till fields or perennial crops hold together longer when immersed in water. | Robert Arnason photo

Survey reveals ‘amazing’ soil loss in Great Plains region

MINOT, N.D. — Nearly every farmer has seen the photos from the 1930s, in which a massive dust storm is about to strike a small town or a drift of soil is almost covering a house. What North American farmers may not know is that soil in the air or in a drift contains more […] Read more

Implement maker receives carbon certification

Carbon Trust | Certification from British company allows Seed Hawk to apply carbon footprint decals on its equipment

A Saskatchewan Research Council audit has determined that use of Seed Hawk machines merits Carbon Trust certification because of the company’s small carbon footprint. Carbon Trust is an independent company in the United Kingdom that assesses the carbon footprint by all types of activities. With the certification, Seed Hawk can apply a footprint decal logo […] Read more