Booth sows seeds of wisdom at food show

TORONTO — It’s tough for a pedigreed seed company to compete with chocolate and cheesecake tasting at a food show. Undaunted, Zeghers Canada of Holland, Man., set up a small booth and laid out its seeds to promote what it could offer those who need these ingredients. Sherry Hird, Zeghers’ representative at the SIAL international […] Read more

Food trends focus on health benefits

TORONTO — Tilapia ice cream may never win over fans of rocky road, but it offers a sweet way to add protein to the diet. Developed by the Central Luzon State University and funded by the Department of Agriculture in the Philippines, the unique ice cream was one of thousands of products displayed and taste […] Read more

SIAL Notes

Fork to field TORONTO — Gone are the days when farmers and food processors brought their wares to market to sell. Consumers are now directing what is provided, said Paul Uys, senior director of the University of Guelph’s Food Institute. “Now it’s fork to field,” he said. “It’s coming from the market and pushing its […] Read more

Hunger for ethnic flavours offers marketing opportunities

Farm living editor Karen Morrison  attended the SIAL international food and trade show in Toronto. TORONTO — Demand for ethnic food is growing in Canada, driven by immigration but also an increasingly sophisticated and well-travelled consumer. During a panel discussion on multiculturalism and food markets in Canada at the SIAL international food and trade show […] Read more

An ounce of prevention lowers risk

Food safety regimes | Producers need to have processes in place to meet buyer demands

TORONTO — Adopting only minimal food safety regimes is a recipe for failure for fledgling food companies, says a food consultant. Paul Medeiros of the Guelph Food Technology Centre said some producers are looking to do just enough to meet the requirements and audits that many buyers demand. “You’re setting yourself up for failure. You’ve […] Read more

Man. farmer enters competitive health food market

Building a business | Entrepreneurs advised 
to combine healthy traits in products

TORONTO — When triathlete Colleen Dyck decided to make an energy bar, she found ingredients close to home on her Manitoba farm. “What I saw on the market was a lot of corn syrup and a lot of cheap fortified bars, so I decided to make my own,” said the Niverville entrepreneur, grain and oilseed […] Read more

Food sensitivities impact markets

‘Eat well’ attitude grows | More education needed to clarify what’s in everyday food

TORONTO — A growing number of people with food sensitivities is influencing marketplace choices, says a food and health marketing specialist. Isabelle Marquis, a director with XTC World Innovation, said 20 percent of the Canadian population claims to be allergic. “In reality, they may be intolerant, not allergic, but that still influences choices,” she said, […] Read more