Canola, soybean acres surge in seeding estimates

Somewhere, somehow, farmers have found more than two million extra acres for the 2017 crop production season, according to Statistics Canada. That will allow farmers to boost canola acres to a stunning 22.4 million, expand Manitoba soybean acres to 2.2 million and raise oat acres 20.6 percent to 3.4 million — all while allowing them […] Read more

Winter cereal acre increase possible

Producers may not be able to harvest crops left in fields last fall before the spring seeding window closes

Wet fields in parts of Western Canada combined with unharvested acres from last year could translate into a noticeable bump in winter cereal plantings this fall, said the executive director of Winter Cereals Canada. “There are going to be a lot of spring crops that aren’t going to get seeded this year,” said Jake Davidson. […] Read more