Three million & climbing

Prairie farmers appear to be getting a good start on their efforts to meet Soy Canada’s ambitious soybean targets. Statistics Canada’s first seeding intention survey of the year has found that farmers plan to grow almost three million acres of the crop in 2017.

Canadian farmers will be growing 10 million acres of soybeans by 2027 if Soy Canada has its way. The industry association has established a series of targets, including doubling production to 13 million tonnes. “We think these are aggressive targets but achievable,” said executive director Jim Everson. “We want to set out some goals that […] Read more

Less lentils, more flax: farmer survey

Flax acres are forecast to rise 19 percent, while a 25 percent drop in lentil acres surprised many analysts

Canadian pulse crop seeding intentions for 2017 are down more than analysts expected but in line with what the trade was thinking. According to Statistics Canada’s March survey of 11,600 farmers, growers plan to seed 4.39 million acres of lentils, down 25 percent from last year, and 3.99 million acres of peas, a six percent […] Read more

Canola, soybean acres surge in StatsCan seeding estimate

Somewhere, somehow, farmers have found more than two million extra acres for the 2017 crop production season, according to Statistics Canada. That will allow farmers to boost canola acres to a stunning 22.4 million, expand Manitoba soybean acres to 2.2 million, let oat acres jump 20.6 percent to 3.4 million — all while allowing them […] Read more

‘An awful lot of lentils’ may be coming

There were only a couple of surprises in Statistics Canada’s June seeding intentions report but one was a doozy. “What jumped out to me the most was the lentils,” said Derek Squair, president of Agri-Trend Marketing. Statistics Canada estimates a record-shattering 5.8 million acres of lentils, which is 48 percent higher than last year and […] Read more

Peas, lentils hit the big time

Western Canada’s farmers are likely to produce their largest pea and lentil crops in history this year, according to the president of AGT Food & Ingredients. In a recent presentation to grain industry experts in Saskatoon, Murad Al-Katib predicted that plantings of dry peas and lentils in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba will exceed 10 million […] Read more

Thrifty farmers seek lower input crops

Farmers told Statistics Canada when surveyed in March that they plan to go bargain seeding this spring. They said they planned to cut canola acreage, boost spring wheat acreage and make double-digit percentage increases in barley and durum. Oat acreage would rise by 30 percent if farmers stick with what they were planning in March. […] Read more

Analysts say pea, lentil acres don’t make sense

Statistics Canada estimates for the crops are on the light side and some forecast a big revision in the June report

The pulse industry was taken aback by Statistics Canada’s first stab at estimating 2015 pea and lentil acreage. The March seeding intentions report released on April 23 calls for 3.83 million acres of peas, up one percent from last year and 3.35 million acres of lentils, an eight percent increase. That is a far cry […] Read more

Producers ponder planting plans

Weather, input prices weigh on the minds of many as farmers wonder what to put in the ground this year

It might be the weather, it might be the prices or it might be a combination of the two. Whatever the reasons, prairie farmers are keeping their seeding plans close to their vests and their wallets in their pockets this spring. Agronomists and seed and fertilizer dealers say farmers have been slow to move on […] Read more

Farmers in flux over what to plant this season

Farmers are planning to pull back from wheat, stick with heavy canola acres and boost their durum, barley, oats, lentils, peas and flax acreage, says Agri-Trend founder Rob Saik. However, Saik told the Grain World conference Feb. 23 that a lot could change before seeding, which usually isn’t the case. “We’re far behind the last […] Read more

Growers may lean to short season crops

Barley, oats acres may increase | Canola is vulnerable to early fall frost, but it can be planted before wheat

It will be unclear for weeks exactly what farmers will seed this spring. Prairie acreage is in flux, considering that seeding has still not begun in large parts of the region and a late spring has forced many farmers to reconsider their cropping decisions. “We could see it swing a million or two acres in […] Read more