World’s farmland total bigger than expected

Farmers around the world are growing more crops than previously thought, according to a new high-resolution satellite map. Researchers at the United States Geological Survey (USGS) have pieced together a map using Landsat satellite imagery with 30-metre resolution that identifies every plot of land under cultivation around the globe. The map shows that 4.62 billion […] Read more

Tiny satellites from Edge of the Planet

Winnipeg’s Farmer’s Edge partners with San Francisco’s Planet to get a Dove’s eye view of the field

A bird’s-eye view can provide intelligence about crop conditions that would otherwise be found only at harvest or by a combination of luck and labour. The problem is that in the past the birds didn’t fly every day. Canadian agronomy company Farmer’s Edge and San Francisco’s satellite imager Planet have joined forces to make new […] Read more

Farmers may seek help from above for spraying advice

Andrew Pylypchuk of Planet explained how the company’s Dove satellite works during the Bayer Agronomy Summit in Banff, Alta. | Robin Booker photo BANFF, Alta. — A satellite system that takes high-resolution pictures of the entire planet every day will soon help growers make in-season spraying decisions. Planet’s Dove satellites make up the world’s largest […] Read more