Saskatoon berries not trendy among youth

Berry pickers like the Michalycias often come to relive memories of childhood, says owner of Lots Berry Farm

Wally and Darlene Michalycia have been picking berries together for nearly a decade. The retired couple drive out to Lots Berry Farm near Saskatoon every year and pick for those in need. “We picked 15 pails last year and shared them around with seniors,” said Darlene. Darlene’s small stature and Wally’s worn knees don’t deter […] Read more

Couple say berry farm a satisfying experience

Berry-picking season came early this year in much of the Prairies. Saskatoons and other fruit, such as cherries, raspberries and strawberries, were ripe two to three weeks ahead of their usual time. It meant a good year for Lots Berry Farm of Saskatoon. “This is probably one of the most amazing years,” said Brad Hazelwanter, […] Read more

Saskatoon growers move from bushes to pies

DOG POUND, Alta. — The first things visitors see when they approach Solstice Berry Farm are long parallel rows of saskatoon bushes climbing up a hill toward Rick and Marsha Gelowitz’s home. The family’s quarter section of hayland between Crossfield and Dog Pound was converted to a saskatoon orchard in 2003. “We had done our […] Read more