The Saskatchewan government is adding $23.1 million to agricultural spending in the new provincial budget, increasing the total to $386.97 million. | File photo

Sask. budget increases agricultural spending

Most of the increase will cover business risk management changes, including crop insurance, AgriStability and AgriInvest

The April 6 Saskatchewan budget added $23.1 million to agricultural spending for this fiscal year, pushing it to $386.97 million. Most of the increase is for business risk management spending to cover a rise in crop insurance premium costs, the recent removal of the AgriStability reference margin limit and an extra $2.7 million for AgriInvest. […] Read more

This year's Sask. budget includes agriculture estimates of $386.97 million, up from last year’s estimate of $363.9 million. | File photo

Sask. budget boosts ag spending

Saskatchewan’s second pandemic budget contains extra money for agriculture. Finance minister Donna Harpauer delivered the 2021-22 budget April 6. It includes agriculture estimates of $386.97 million, up from last year’s estimate of $363.9 million. The bulk of that increase is for business risk management spending, which is up about $20 million to cover off the […] Read more

Sask. unveils pandemic budget

Saskatchewan introduced what it called its pandemic budget June 15. The government expects to run a $2.4 billion deficit for 2020-21 due to the COVID-19 virus and its effects on the economy. The budget forecasts revenues of $13.65 billion, down $1.2 billion from the previous year, and spending of $16.07 billion, up $1.1 billion. About […] Read more

Of the total, the agriculture ministry will see spending drop by $22 million or almost six percent to nearly $369 million. The major decrease comes in business risk management spending, which is always based on federal forecasts. | File photo

Sask. anticipates spending less on business risk programs

The Saskatchewan budget scheduled for March 18 turned out to be a non-event as the Legislature shut down amid COVID-19 concerns. Earlier that day the government announced a spending plan of $14.15 billion, but couldn’t say how much the virus will cost the health system or how much revenue the province could expect to take […] Read more

The agricultural portion of the budget is down $22 million or nearly six percent due to decreases in business risk management allocations. | File photo

Less money for ag as Sask. releases spending estimates

Citing the unprecedented events sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Saskatchewan government released only a partial budget March 18. Spending estimates totaling $14.15 billion were announced but revenue forecasts won’t come until a later date, said finance minister Donna Harpauer. The province has access to $1.3 billion in cash if it needs it, she said, […] Read more

The budget assumes crop production in 2019 similar to last year when the third largest crop on record, 35.4 million tonnes, was harvested even in dry conditions. | File photo

No-surprise budget pleases Sask. farm groups

Budget increases agriculture ministry spending by three percent and assumes crop production will be similar to last year

Saskatchewan Finance Minister Donna Harpauer says crop failure is one of her biggest concerns in revealing a provincial budget with a slim surplus. The minister released the 2019-20 budget March 20. It contains a $34.4 million surplus on revenues of $15.03 billion and expenses of $14.99 billion. “If we had a province wide or even […] Read more

Calling it

Sask. budget focuses on health, education and highways

Saskatchewan’s 2019-20 budget contains a slim $34.4 million surplus on no new taxes or tax increases and no increase to the operating debt. Calling it “The Right Balance,” Finance Minister Donna Harpauer said the budget focuses on providing services in health, education, social services and highway safety. “It balances much-needed investments with carefully managed spending […] Read more

Finance Minister Donna Harpauer pronounced the province on track to balance the budget a year from now through a plan to reduce dependency on resource revenue and control government spending. | Screencap via

Sask. budget forecasts $365 million deficit

Despite concern about tax hikes and extensive cuts, the Saskatchewan budget released today contained no huge moves one way or the other. There was no PST hike, as some expected, and there were no large cuts similar to those seen last year such as the closure of the Saskatchewan Transportation Co. Instead, Finance Minister Donna […] Read more