Russia's crop has been the biggest cause for alarm, but decent precipitation in January and February eased concerns. |  Reuters/Eduard Korniyenko photo

European wheat looks good, but dryness worries persist

Winter wheat crops are in good shape on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, but there is mounting cause for concern in one key region, says an analyst. There was much angst about Russia’s crop at the start of the season because of dry conditions at planting time. On Dec. 1, 2020, an estimated […] Read more

Russia announced it plans to implement a new floating permanent tax on June 2. | Reuters photo

Russia makes wheat export tax permanent

Analysts think Russia’s new permanent wheat export tax may backfire. Russia announced it plans to implement a new floating permanent tax on June 2. The tax will be 70 percent of the difference between the export price and US$200 per tonne. So if the export price is $300, that would amount to a $70 tax. […] Read more

Russia will add an extra 30 million tonnes of grain export capacity by 2022, according to the country’s agriculture minister. That’s the equivalent of Canada’s combined annual canola and wheat exports. | Reuters photo

Russia rattles wheat trade

Russia is poised to become the world’s leading wheat exporter for the first time since the tsarist era a century ago. The U.S. Department of Agriculture forecasts 36 million tonnes of Russian wheat exports in 2017-18. The European Union will take second place with 26 million tonnes. Russia is stealing grain markets around the world […] Read more

SovEcon forecasts a near-record Russian grain crop in 2018 if weather co-operates.  |  Reuters photo

Bumper Russian grain crop likely

MOSCOW, Russia (Reuters) — Russia will likely produce another large grain crop in 2018 following a record crop this year that is increasing pressure on prices, leading agriculture consultancy SovEcon has said. In the first major estimate for 2018, SovEcon said Russia’s grain harvest could amount to 128.2 million tonnes next year after this year’s […] Read more

A driver unloads a truck during harvest in the Stavropol region of Russia, last year. The government wants to invest in infrastructure to increase export capacity.  |  REUTERS/Eduard Korniyenko photo

Russia determined to boost grain export capacity by 50 percent

MOSCOW — Russia, which has shattered wheat harvest records three years running and is expanding production of other crops as well, aims to increase its grain export capacity by 50 percent to 7.5 million tonnes a month within three years. And its importance on world wheat markets is reflected in the CME Group’s announcement Nov. […] Read more

Combine harvesters load a truck with wheat in a field on the Intikulskoye farm outside the Siberian village of Tolsty Mys, Krasnoyarsk region, Russia, Aug. 29.
|  REUTERS/Ilya Naymushin photo

Russian wheat output shocks markets

Russian wheat farmers have been partying this year, and the world market is likely to be nursing a hangover for two years, say analysts. The massive size of the Russian wheat crop not only pushes their grain exports to the limit for this year but will leave huge stockpiles for the 2018-19 crop year. “With […] Read more

Mike Lee, owner of Green Square Agro Consulting, recently conducted a five-day, 2,500 kilometre tour of fields in the main wheat growing regions of Russia and Ukraine. His conclusion is their crops are going to be a lot bigger than the U.S. Department of Agriculture is estimating. | File photo

Bumper wheat crops expected in Russia, Ukraine

Don’t expect any supply relief from Black Sea wheat, says an analyst. “We’ve got another bumper crop of wheat coming out of Ukraine and Russia,” said Mike Lee, owner of Green Square Agro Consulting. He recently conducted a five-day, 2,500 kilometre tour of fields in the main wheat growing regions of Russia and Ukraine. His […] Read more

The vast amount of Russia’s wheat is fall sown. Dry, cold weather reduced germination and stressed seedlings.  |  File photo

Russian wheat outlook dismal

Less than half of normal rain | Output of
 winter wheat could drop by five million tonnes

Russia’s winter wheat crop is in trouble, according to a Russian market research and consulting firm, reviving memories of conditions that eventually led to the severe 2010 Russian drought. Dry conditions have dashed winter wheat yield prospects in the crop, which will be harvested next year. SovEcon has not issued an official forecast for 2015-16 […] Read more

Crop analysts check out a wheat field, partially ravaged by locusts and drought, near the town of Neftekumsk, about 350 kilometres east of Stavropol, in the Black Sea region of Russia. | Reuters/Eduard Korniyenko photo

Russian wheat prospects drying up

Russia’s wheat exports continue to wither along with its drought-stricken crops. In its last World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report, the U.S. Department of Agriculture lowered Russian exports to 12 million tonnes from 16 million tonnes. The USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service issued a report last week saying that number should be dropped to 11 […] Read more