Rural residents, gov’t need to adopt positive attitudes

Instead of looking at what they don’t have, rural communities should look 
at advantages and opportunities to change things for the better, says report

BLYTH, Ont. — Canada’s rural communities should be viewed as a reservoir of untapped potential, according the speaker who opened the Rural Talks to Rural conference here Sept. 28. “Despite what they may think in Toronto, the world does not revolve just around Toronto. Rural Canada makes an important contribution,” Al Lauzon of Ontario’s University […] Read more

Century wrought major change

School board members have seen their duties change from a hands-on approach to handling broad-based education issues

Bert de Gooijer remembers helping lay a gymnasium floor and lining up contractors for the job when he first became a school trustee in 1999. His role has changed significantly in the last 16 years. School board trustees now find themselves less involved in daily operations and more focused on shaping the overall direction of […] Read more