Death feels closer in small town Saskatchewan

The following is an excerpt from The Surprising Lives of Small Town Doctors, edited by Dr. Paul Dhillon and published by the University of Regina Press. Dhillon contributed this chapter from Saskatchewan. Dying here, far from any building over two storeys, is very different than dying in the city. Death is closer here, more intimate. […] Read more

Doctor enjoys building relationship with rural patients

Farmer patients often told to get regular checkups 
so they can ‘work longer and be happier’

LEADER, Sask. — Dr. Paul Dhillon has learned a thing or two about farmers. “You can tell a farmer by his hands,” he said. “There is not a farmer in the world that would be a hand model.” Dhillon is one of about 20 doctors with the Saskatchewan Medical Association’s Rural Relief Program. He travels […] Read more

Manitoba looks at rural doctor education options

Medical school proposal | Brandon University could train doctors

Government funded feasibility studies too often wind up on a high, dusty shelf in an unused office, ignored and unread. Doug Dobrowolski, president of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities, hopes that isn’t the fate of the Brandon Medical Education Study. The study is crucial for rural Manitoba because smaller communities across rural Manitoba are losing […] Read more