Rural residents, gov’t need to adopt positive attitudes

Instead of looking at what they don’t have, rural communities should look 
at advantages and opportunities to change things for the better, says report

BLYTH, Ont. — Canada’s rural communities should be viewed as a reservoir of untapped potential, according the speaker who opened the Rural Talks to Rural conference here Sept. 28. “Despite what they may think in Toronto, the world does not revolve just around Toronto. Rural Canada makes an important contribution,” Al Lauzon of Ontario’s University […] Read more

The long road to Bike Town

An Alberta town’s quest | Rebranding efforts boosts tourism, promotes fitness, say locals

A plan to brand Devon as Bike Town Alberta took off faster than an out-of-control mountain bike racer. It can take years of round table discussions, public consultations, surveys and plenty of money to create a brand, but it took this small town on the outskirts of Edmonton only 18 months to claim the name, […] Read more