Researcher gets beef sector award

John McKinnon’s studies into feed efficiency have increased competitiveness of the cattle industry

A desire to stay connected with rural life led John McKinnon to pursue a career in agriculture. It has culminated in internationally respected research and innovation on beef cattle nutrition and management. The researcher, professor and Saskatchewan beef industry research chair at the University of Saskatchewan is well known for advancing the competitiveness and sustainability […] Read more

Wheat research program hopes to build on momentum

An unprecedented wheat research program that will spend close to $100 million to improve knowledge and develop new plant breeding technologies is about to begin bearing fruit. The Canadian Wheat Alliance, launched in 2013, was initially billed as a five-year, $97 million research project involving scientists from Agriculture Canada, the National Research Council, the University […] Read more

Organic, conventional show nutrient differences

Study finds higher percentage of the daily recommended requirements of very long chain fatty acids in organic whole milk

DRESDEN, Ont. — Studies published in the British Journal of Nutrition found differences in the nutritional composition of organic and conventionally-produced foods. The two latest were published Feb. 16 and publicized by Newcastle University in the United Kingdom. They compare organic and conventional milk and meat. The milk study is a systematic review of 170 […] Read more

Defending agricultural practices called ineffective

Many farmers and commodity groups use social media to explain and defend agricultural practices. The goal is typically to clear up misperceptions about farming and food production. The communication may be changing a few minds, but defending farming practices isn’t going to build consumer trust, says a new report on the future of Canada’s agri-food […] Read more

Herbicide tolerant flax project progressing

Western Canada’s flax breeding program has taken a hit in recent years, but there is encouraging news coming out of the United States. The flax industry is struggling with the loss of two of its three breeding programs with the closure of Agriculture Canada’s program in Morden, Man., and Crop Production Services’ program in Saskatoon. […] Read more

Listening to rhythms of the Earth

Researcher plants hundreds of microphones to eavesdrop on animal activity and other interactions in the environment

An Alberta researcher is listening for climate change. However, instead of standing beside a field in the hopes of seeing and hearing a bird, Erin Bayne has mounted hundreds of computerized microphones around Alberta to listen to wildlife year round. “There are all kinds of animals that make sounds at all times of the year. […] Read more

Herbicide mixes tackle resistant weeds

While many growers rely on herbicide and crop rotations, a U.S. study finds tank mixtures more effective

A new research study from Illinois casts doubt on a commonly promoted method to combat herbicide resistant weeds. The study of herbicide records from hundreds of fields over an eight-year period in that state showed that rotating herbicides from year to year increased the likelihood of developing glyphosate resistant weeds. Joe Vink, weed management technical […] Read more

Bison mortality study focuses on malignant catarrhal fever

The most recent edition of the Canadian Veterinary Journal contains an observational study of bison mortality on 26 bison herds in Saskatchewan. One of the study’s primary objectives was to describe the risk of malignant catarrhal fever in the province’s bison population. MCF is caused by a viral infection from the ovine herpesvirus-2 virus. It […] Read more

Cranberries seen to boost immunity in chickens

DRESDEN, Ont. — Most people know cranberries go with Christmas dinner. Now, an Agriculture Canada researcher has found that the tart fruit boosts immunity when fed to young birds. Mortality was decreased 50 percent when Moussa S. Diarra and his research team fed small amounts of cranberry extract to broiler chickens during their first 10 […] Read more

Growers ponder plant growth regulators

Trials look at how PGRs respond to different cereal varieties, growing conditions and timing of application

Grain producers are already logging long hours in the sprayer, so the thought of making yet another pass over the same wheat field probably has limited appeal. But what if one more pass with the sprayer had the potential to reduce lodging and boost wheat yields by five, six or even seven bushels per acre? […] Read more