Solid dairy and solid pig manure was applied to the long-term University of Manitoba plots in fall 2007, the first year of the study.| Don Flaten photo

Are manure guidelines misleading?

Increased straw content in manure slows the release of nutrients, says University of Manitoba professor 

Manitoba’s provincial guidelines for estimating the availability of nitrogen from solid pig and dairy manures are crap, says a soil expert. “Those formulas are way off,” said Don Flaten, a soil science professor at the University of Manitoba. “They overestimate the amount of nitrogen that these manures provide over the short term.” His comments are […] Read more

Pressure from environmental groups contributed to the Ontario government’s decision to increase regulation of neonicotinoid seed treatments.  |  File photo

‘Right to farm’ rules defend North Dakota farmers

Outside pressure on ag sector | U.S. state amends constitution to defend agricultural practices

Canadian farmers may need to follow the lead of producers in North Dakota if they want to preserve their right to use modern agricultural technology such as seed treatments. The state passed a right-to-farm amendment to its constitution in 2012 that enshrines a producer’s right to use scientifically proven agricultural practices. “It’s going to give […] Read more