About 26,000 animals are now quarantined in southeastern Alberta as testing for bovine tuberculosis continues. | File photo

Alberta ranchers get help with TB costs

About $16.7 million in assistance has been committed to Alberta ranchers to help them deal with added costs due a bovine tuberculosis quarantine. Help is coming through the AgriRecovery program to cover added costs for feed and disinfection as well as water and feeding facilities. It can also cover the costs of calves that might […] Read more

A 1913 delegation of the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association in Regina sought provincial intervention in relation to rural municipal taxation on grazing land.  |  File photo

Saskatchewan Stock Growers marks 100th

Handling ranchers’ concerns | A century later the association continues to lobby for the livestock industry

Bonneau, Cruickshank, Grayson, Ogle, Olafson and Simpson. These six names might not resonate so much with cattlemen today, but they belong to six men who 100 years ago were pivotal in forming the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association. Treffle Bonneau of Willow Bunch, Robert Cruickshank, William H. Grayson, Olaf Olafson and John D. Simpson of Moose […] Read more

The Jumping Pound Creek crosses about 18 kilometres of CL Ranches owned by the Corpithorne family. After suffering serious damage in floods in 2005, the community formed a watershed partnership and developed a management plan to keep the creek healthy. It is a major tributary of the Bow River. | Barbara Duckworth photo

Ranch uses tranquil setting to diversify

CL Ranches, with its swift running creek and dark red cattle moving through sweet smelling prairie grass, is a portrait of what an Alberta foothills cattle operation should look like. But like many modern operations, this 1,750 cow outfit needs new and creative ways to stay profitable. Located just south of the busy TransCanada Highway […] Read more

Guarding the guardians

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who will guard the guards themselves? It was interesting to note a recent website launch designed to keep watch on the Humane Society of the United States, a group whose stated purpose is to “seek a humane and sustainable world for all animals.” Its Canadian affiliate is Humane Society International. What […] Read more

A nice, innocuous explanation

This morning I watched a YouTube clip about American country-of-origin labelling. It’s a clean and clear explanation of COOL’s advantages to U.S. consumers. The material is well crafted and makes perfect sense at the consumer level, aimed as it is at a grocery buying target audience. There is reference to COOL labelling on meat from […] Read more