With India's monsoon rains having continued longer than usual, production of the country's kharif (summer) pulse production fell by almost two million tonnes. Prior to the monsoons, market expectations called for 10.1 million tonnes, but those estimates were cut to 8.3 million because of excessive wet conditions, that included flooding. | Flickr/McKay Savage photo

Drop in India’s pulse production may see lower import duties

WINNIPEG (MarketsFarm) – There’s a possibility the government of India could lower its import duties on pulses, including those from Canada, according to reports. With India’s monsoon rains having continued longer than usual, production of the country’s kharif (summer) pulse production fell by almost two million tonnes. Prior to the monsoons, market expectations called for […] Read more

Pulse funding welcome in face of Indian tariff: Stewart

Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart says the federal injection of more than half a million dollars to find new pulse markets is welcome in the face of India’s tariffs and a large carryover. His federal counterpart, Lawrence MacAulay, announced $575,000 for three projects for Pulse Canada at the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers regional meeting in Regina […] Read more

India’s duty on lentil imports comes as the country is awash in the crop. Here, lentils are weighed in a store in the southern Indian city of Chennai.  |  REUTERS/Babu photo

Pulse prices unmoved by latest Indian import tariffs

India’s announcement that it was slapping duties on lentils and chickpeas had little impact on prices that were already “in the doldrums,” says an analyst. “The whole thing was anticipated,” said Brian Clancey, editor of Stat Publishing. “Canadian lentil exports to India had already plunged. The market had died for us.” India announced on Dec. […] Read more

Stat Publishing expects Canadian farmers will plant one million fewer acres of peas next year.  |  File photo

India pea duty slashes prices

Yellow pea prices have plunged in the wake of a dramatic policy change in India. The Indian government imposed a 50 percent import duty on peas last week without any prior warning of its intentions. Companies that are still bidding on peas have dropped their price to about $6 per bushel, down from $8 the […] Read more

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a claim from Bunge North America that states eating 1.5 tablespoons of soybean oil daily may reduce the risk of heart disease when it replaces saturated fat in the diet and doesn’t increase the total calories consumed in a day.  |  File photo

Soy oil claim allowed

The soybean oil industry is finally able to use the same qualified health claim that the canola oil industry has been using for 11 years. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a petition by Bunge North America for a claim linking consumption of soybean oil to reduced risk of coronary heart disease. It […] Read more

Indian farmers might increase acreage of wheat and other crops this winter instead of pulses, Murad Al Katib said. The Indian government forecasts a big increase in pulse production but the head of AGT Foods expects India will continue to need imports.  |  Reuters photo

Pulse processor optimistic on exports to India

AGT president believes the drop in pulse prices will cause Indian growers to switch to more lucrative crops like wheat

The head of the world’s largest pulse processing company is more optimistic about export prospects to India than some market analysts. Murad Al-Katib, president of AGT Food and Ingredients, believes India’s crop is not going to be nearly as big as the Indian government and analysts are forecasting. India has set a target of 20.75 […] Read more

Canada’s chickpeas might be the crop most devastated by the poor fall weather. This photo shows the harvest of a research plot in a snowy field back in November 2004, but this year farmers are debating if it’s worth combining what will likely be feed grade product.  |  File photo

Is the chickpea crop worth saving?

Three-quarters of Saskatchewan’s chickpea crop remains in the field and is in terrible condition, say analysts. Saskatchewan Agriculture reports that 25 percent of the crop had been combined as of Oct. 24, compared to an average of 82 percent for all crops. “The Canadian chickpea crop is a disaster,” said Marlene Boersch, analyst with Mercantile […] Read more

India preps for record harvest

Analysts are divided over reports of a record-smashing Indian kharif or summer pulse crop harvest. The Indian government estimates farmers will harvest 8.7 million tonnes of pulses this fall, up 22 percent from the previous record. That includes 4.3 million tonnes of pigeon peas, which is 35 percent higher than the previous record for that […] Read more