Alberta legislation doesn’t allow ranchers who lease public land to charge hunters for access, but a producer suggests that a fee for administering requests might be possible.  |  File photo

‘Paid hunting’ fee proposed to access land

Alta. ranchers look for solutions as tension builds between those who lease public land and those who want to use it

BROOKS, Alta. — An email sent to Fort Macleod, Alta., area rancher Bill Newton last fall was initially polite. A prospective hunter requested access to grazing land that Newton leases, specifying when and where he wanted to hunt. Newton sent a polite reply, refusing access due to excessively dry conditions and the heightened risk of […] Read more

The community pasture program protected native grasslands and species at risk, increased biodiversity and carbon storage capabilities, all of which could be lost if pastures are privatized.  |  File photo

Privatization could put grassland at risk

The Saskatchewan government announced the end of the Saskatchewan Pasture Program in its March 2017 budget. Public Pastures-Public Interest (PPPI) wants the public to be aware and have its say on the future of these lands. The province’s official position is that the pasture program has outlived its usefulness. The Ministry of Agriculture says the […] Read more