Private member’s bill seeks to end squatters’ rights in Alta.

Bill 204 would also amend the stewardship act, restoring landowners’ rights to compensation for decisions affecting their land

Squatters’ rights, more formally known as adverse possession, may be stricken from Alberta property law if a private member’s bill passes in the provincial legislature. Adverse possession allows a person to claim ownership of land if he or she has been in open possession of it for10 years or more without having a valid agreement […] Read more

Expropriating land for such uses as power line construction has been a hot button issue in Alberta.  |  File photo

Alta. needs to fully debate property rights

The Alberta government has completed its landmark property rights consultation with Albertans. The Property Rights Task Force heard from 1,400 Albertans, and the province wasted little time in responding to its recommendations. Provincial environment minister Diana McQueen, who chaired the task force, said Albertans want more vigorous consultation, compensation that reflects current values and “more […] Read more