Why do we like people stories? The answer may shock you

We have a running joke around the editorial department here at WP World HQ: it revolves around the headlines used on online “click bait” type stories designed to capture your attention. “Man climbs mountain.… You’ll never believe what happens next…” “A woman tries to hug a leopard, the reason why will make you cry…” Or […] Read more

Some thoughtful comments on the controversial Bill 6

The outcry over the Alberta government’s proposals to change farm labour standards continues to rile our readers online. However, the knee-jerk reactions that were so prominent when Bill 6 was first introduced have given way to more reasoned thought. A reader named Paul writes: “(I) was able to attend the meeting held in Bassano. One […] Read more

Talk of ‘old stock Canadians’ lit up Twitter as debate unfolded

Yelling at the television or radio used to be the only way viewers could interact with a broadcast. While this strategy does help vent frustrations, it also doesn’t help viewers contribute to the experience other people have of the event, aside from a handful of neighbours. Today, there are lively social media threads for almost […] Read more

The Parrish and Heimbecker elevator in southwest Saskatoon is felled using explosives early on the morning of June 20, 2015. | Robin Booker photo

105-year-old grain elevator’s fall captured on photos, video

If a 105-year-old grain elevator falls in the middle of the city, very early on a weekend morning in the spring, does it make any noise? According to the buzz being generated in both traditional and social media this week the answer is an explosive “yes.” The elevator in question was owned by the Parrish […] Read more

Glyphosate still under scrutiny

Glyphosate continues to fuel the conversations taking place on The Western Producer’s social media channels again this week. Last week you’ll recall, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, a subgroup of the United Nations’ World Health Organization, released a report categorizing glyphosate as a substance “probably carcinogenic to humans,” which began the buzz on […] Read more

Join dialogue to get answers

Ed White produced a news story for the Feb. 19 edition of the paper with the headline, New crop price listing service must prove it is unique. In it, he detailed the Alberta Wheat Commission’s proposed crop price listing website. When I wrote this column, there was only one comment on the story’s web page, […] Read more