Trusting technology: when ugly fields yield handsome returns

One of my favourite questions to ask of students in class or growers out in the real world was, “are you trying to reduce or manage your variability?” After some confused looks, I would provide a brief explanation that would lead to some good discussion. This question is at the heart of the meaning of […] Read more

The great detective and precision agriculture

It’s not enough to just analyze the data that is collected by modern agricultural technology. Eventually, producers need to make a decision, whether it is doing the same thing they have done for the last 20 years or doing something different. Computers and software do many things well, such as processing numbers for analysis, but […] Read more

Education key to making precision happen on farms

The name of this column is Precision Happens, but I’ll suggest that precision doesn’t just happen, even though I came up with the name. It takes many things coming together to practice precision agriculture. Some people try to do precision but end up doing fuzziness and producing confusion. I’m not going to pretend that I […] Read more