Precision ag evolving quickly

If you’re a Canadian grain grower in the 21st century and you’re not using precision agriculture tools to reach your full productive potential, then it might be time to reassess the way you’re doing things on the farm. That was the key message delivered by speakers and representatives from various agriculture technology companies who attended […] Read more

VIDEO: Drones get civilized for agriculture

As drones become more affordable and flyable, an increasing number of growers are kicking the propellers as they try to figure out how to implement this emerging technology on their farms. The sky’s the limit in terms of the possible agricultural applications, but there is a limit to the amount of time and money farmers […] Read more

Preflight checklists make flights safe and data sound

When farmers are preparing drones for the season’s reconnaissance, there are vital preparations and decisions that must first be addressed. Producers should have a checklist of things to look at before launching their drones. First, says Felix Weber, operators must check to see whether they have the right approvals. “The law has changed as of […] Read more

Mini-drone fitted with sensor to aid crop scouting

Farmers know the value of early field scouting: finding stressed plants early can allow for quick intervention and save yields. The real question often comes down to a matter of cost efficiency: how much to pay up front in the hopes that the investment will pay off later? Crop scouting may have become more affordable […] Read more

Precison ag survey seeks more input

A survey on western Canadian farmers’ use of precision agricultural technology is winding its way to completion. Before it does, Dale Steele wants to encourage farmers of all kinds to respond, whether or not they use many or any precision tools or none at all. Steele, an agronomist well versed in agricultural technology, was contracted […] Read more

New technology debuts on Vegas strip

The French built DV Wing delta drone drew a lot of attention at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Agriculture equipment has long used the latest in research and technology, but recent tools are being viewed by a wider public as cutting edge. “The design is very good. When you have air disturbance, […] Read more

Trimble’s VerticalPoint RTK signal designed to hold longer

Land levelling contractors and tile drainage installers often experience 25 percent downtime due to weak or lost RTK signals. That equates to 75 percent uptime, which is unacceptable by anyone’s standard. Jarette Lawfield, a land levelling contractor in Catron, Missouri, runs six units as many hours per day as possible. Some of that equipment sits […] Read more

Military know-how leads to ag spray chopper

FARGO, N.D. — The skills David Gan acquired while developing military drone technology in Israel is now being applied to precision agriculture in North America. “My company has a long history of building military (unmanned aerial vehicles) since 1989. Now we have a new company in California to serve North America,” Gan said at the […] Read more

Transport Canada gives eBee thumbs up

CALGARY — The delta wing eBee precision agricultural drone is based on the latest aerodynamic technology. It carries a payload of powerful imaging technology with six sensors from which to choose. Brent Chenier of Ag Business and Crop in Calgary said the eBee weighs 1.5 pounds when the camera and battery are installed. “It’s constructed […] Read more

Big data presents opportunities, challenges for agriculture

Imagine if every combine yield monitor on the continent was wirelessly linked to a massive data storage and analysis bank, continuously uploading real time harvest results. As the combines rolled, a detailed picture of the size of the North American crop would take shape. This would provide a far more detailed picture of the crop […] Read more