Rain headache unlikely

Drew Lerner expects normal harvest weather conditions this year with rainfall picking up in September. “It’s not going to be like last year,” said the president of World Weather Inc. “It’s not going to be just big, heavy deluges of rain, one right after the other.” But there will be sporadic rainfall that will at […] Read more

Drought, disease take toll in Ont. corn, wheat

ESSEX County, Ont. — There’s an old adage among Ontario farmers when they talk about corn: knee high by the fourth of July. That’s the case for Terry Byrne and his brothers, a 20-minute drive from the Ambassador Bridge connecting Windsor and Detroit, but their corn isn’t healthy deep green-blue hue. Instead, the bottom leaves […] Read more

Maps illustrate Prairie dryness

Rainfall since April 1 has been well below normal for much of Saskatchewan and Alberta. These precipitation maps show percent of normal precipitation received from April 1 to early June for the years 2010 through 2015 inclusive. Without rain in the next week or so, yield potential could be reduced over a large part western […] Read more

Farmers fear dry will turn to drought

Prairie farmers have gone from flood to fire. After several wet rainy springs, it is now extremely dry in most places, even as some still struggle with wet seeding conditions. “It’s absolutely dry,” said Trevor Hadwen, agroclimate specialist at Agriculture Canada. “It has benefitted the farmers in terms of rapidly seeding, but now that most […] Read more