Inadequate capacity hurts canola meal sales

BRANDON — Export deals and money are falling through the Canadian canola industry’s hands because of inadequate canola meal handling capacity on the West Coast, says Thomas Mielke of Oil World magazine. It’s something farmers shouldn’t put up with. “You should scream,” Thomas Mielke told a crowd at Manitoba Ag Days Jan. 17. “There is demand […] Read more

Port of Vancouver sees major expansion

Unlike the Panama Canal, the Port of Vancouver isn’t a global icon of the shipping industry. But, recently, the port is attracting more investment than the famous canal. In 2016, Panama officially unveiled its US$5.4 billion expansion of the canal, which will allow larger vessels to move through the locks. In comparison, more than C$7 […] Read more

Port upgrade to cost $100 million

Triple throughput capability | Pacific Terminal project in response to increasing export demands

Viterra is spending more than $100 million to upgrade the Pacific Terminal at the Port of Vancouver. The company announced April 10 that it will perform “operational improvements and upgrades” that will nearly triple the terminal’s throughput capabilities. Viterra president Kyle Jeworski said the most significant element of the upgrade will be the installation of […] Read more

Expansions promise to boost port traffic

Government and private funds | Improvements in co-ordination are reducing bottlenecks and increasing capacity

Many farmers perceive the port of Vancouver to be congested, ridden with labour strife and the cause of heavy charges for delayed loading of cargo ships. But the port’s director of planning says the reality is far different. “The amount of investment that we’re seeing today is staggering,” Jim Crandles of Port Metro Vancouver said […] Read more