An episode of CTV’s W5 has put a spotlight on animal welfare and hog production in Canada.  |  File photo

Euthanasia in hog industry falls under scrutiny

Humane handling | In wake of TV documentary, industry officials look for methods more acceptable to consumers

Is it OK to kill piglets by banging their heads on concrete floors? Is it proper to kill a sow with a captive bolt gun? Is it humane to house pregnant sows in stalls? The answer to all three of those questions is “yes,” according to most livestock veterinarians. However, from the reaction to footage […] Read more

High feed prices may force producers to borrow more or throw in the towel, says the pork council president.  |  File photo

Feed supply, prices worry hog sector

Feed available after harvest | Demand from south of the border may drive feed exports

A task force of hog producers and federal government officials is being formed to address concerns over unaffordable feed that could drive some producers out of the business. Livestock feed prices have spiked because of recent drought-induced American reductions in corn crop estimates. The new forecast of 650 million bushels in ending stocks for 2012-13 […] Read more

A nice, innocuous explanation

This morning I watched a YouTube clip about American country-of-origin labelling. It’s a clean and clear explanation of COOL’s advantages to U.S. consumers. The material is well crafted and makes perfect sense at the consumer level, aimed as it is at a grocery buying target audience. There is reference to COOL labelling on meat from […] Read more