Legal protection urged for wild pollinators

Expert urges farmers and ranchers to establish pollinator habitat and use environmentally friendly pest management

PORT STANLEY, Ont. — The contribution wild pollinators make to food production is widely recognized but there’s a lack of knowledge concerning their habitat and habits here in Canada. Pollinator expert Nigel Raine hopes to begin to change that. He plans to monitor pollinator activity at 50 different Ontario locations, including farm locations. The University […] Read more

VIDEO: One bee doesn’t fit all jobs

The distance a honeybee will fly to gather nectar or pollen is an important factor in crop economics. It dictates the number of hives needed to ensure successful pollination of seed canola crops and also has implications for optimum hive location. Sam Robinson, a PhD student at the University of Calgary, is studying that distance […] Read more

Leafcutter bees operate in the dark

BROOKS, Alta. — Leafcutter bees are integral to the production of alfalfa seed, but they go unrecognized in national data on pollination related to agriculture. Bee researcher Shelley Hoover of Alberta Agriculture said leafcutters pollinate alfalfa as well as southern Alberta’s valuable seed canola crops, and statistically recognizing their value could leverage research money as it […] Read more