Researchers find possible alfalfa weevil control

Alfalfa seed growers want more weapons in their arsenal against alfalfa weevil and research now shows promising possibilities. The weevils can drastically reduce seed production, and populations in the Rosemary, Alta., region have become resistant to available pesticides. Paul Tiege, a research scientist with Olds College, has undertaken studies on other chemical options on behalf […] Read more

Wet conditions leave Saskatchewan bugged out

Winnipeg, June 1 (CNS Canada) – Seeding delays in Saskatchewan means little buzz-worthy news about insects, but producers should still be scouting fields moving into the growing season. “The bigger issue is that it’s been wet,” said Scott Hartley, insect and vertebrate pest specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture. That wetness delayed seeding in much of the […] Read more

Timing critical when deciding when to spray for flea beetles

Spending a toonie to prevent a loonie’s worth of damage doesn’t make sense. The same principle applies when deciding whether to spray flea beetles in young canola crops. The visual signs of leaf decimation can be enough to make even the most seasoned veteran canola grower call in the sprayer. Conventional wisdom says to start […] Read more