Successful grazing balances profits, nutritional needs

RED DEER — Grazing is designed to increase producer profits while also meeting the nutritional needs of livestock. Joshua Dukart of North Dakota factors in the needs of wildlife as well. Dukart uses holistic management to rebuild grass and soil but also keeps an open mind when it comes to altering plans mid season to […] Read more

Sask. rancher sings praises of intensive grazing

By seeding all of their land to grass, the McElroy family was able to sell their farm equipment and make the cattle do the work

SWIFT CURRENT, Sask. — Art McElroy is a fan of intensive grazing. It took him and his family some time to get to that point, but he now says the benefits of putting more cattle in smaller areas for shorter periods are obvious. “We now have double the farm we started with without buying one […] Read more

Ranchers explain pasture strategies

Alberta range tour | Ranchers share pasture management trials and tribulations

CHAIN LAKES, Alta. — Where the Porcupine Hills rise to stare at the Rocky Mountains in the west, gold grows in the valleys between. It’s the richness of rough fescue, a nutritious perennial bunchgrass, that has sustained the big cattle ranches for which this region is renowned. “Our fescue grass to us is like gold, […] Read more