Barber pole worm can be deadly

RED DEER — A red and white worm called Haemonchus contortus is alive and well in Western Canada. The internal parasite, which is also known as the barber pole worm, can kill sheep by causing severe anemia. It joins the growing list of parasites that are resistant to all available drugs. Eighty-six percent of farmers […] Read more

Drug resistant worms threaten flocks

RED DEER — The lowly worm could be the biggest threat to the world’s livestock industry. Internal parasites are a major problem for small ruminants such as sheep because of widespread resistance to commonly used de-wormers. Anthelmintic resistant worms developed because of over-reliance on and misuse use of these drugs, said a sheep and goat […] Read more

Improper deworming leads to parasite resistance

Test deworming program | Fecal samples will determine which horses are low shedders and can be treated less frequently

SASKATOON — Internal parasites can present risks to horses’ health, including colic, diarrhea, respiratory disease, decreased performance, rapid weight loss, loss of body condition and even death. But many horse owners may not realize some traditional deworming practices are making parasites immune to the treatments. Parasite resistance results from improper dosing, incorrect administration of medication […] Read more