If the board and staff are unaccountable to the membership, whose interests do they serve?

Member accountability key to group’s success

The world is run by those who show up. This phrase has been attributed to many individuals over the years and has become a rallying call for members of organizations to become engaged in the direction of that organization. Implicit is the assumption that individual engagement is the key to affecting the decisions made by […] Read more

Producers must present a unified message not only by governments making policy decisions but so that the media and public know where agriculture organizations stand.  |  File photo

Industry consensus: what is it good for?

Policy debates often centre around the word “consensus,” bandying it about like a sword in battle. Well-reasoned arguments and debates are habitually dispatched with the phrase, “there was no consensus on that.” But what does consensus really mean? The dictionary tells us that consensus means a general agreement, but the definition is vague regarding the […] Read more