Organic group sees exciting times ahead

OLDS, Alta. — The increasing consumer demand for organic products has created financial growing pains for Alberta’s organic organization. However, difficulties paying the bills while expanding the industry have forced the organization to become stronger and more focused, said Ward Middleton, president of Organic Alberta. “This was by far the most challenging year,” he said. […] Read more

Organic buyers hold growers to high standard

Grain quality is a top concern for buyers, requiring farmers to know their product and present accurate samples

BEAUMONT, Alta. — Grain buyers want organic grain, but they don’t want just any organic grain, they told producers at an Organic Alberta grain workshop. Organic grain might be in short supply but that doesn’t mean buyers will buy tough or diseased product, they said. Tom Allen, a grain buyer with Sunrise Foods of Saskatoon, […] Read more

Efficiency key in organic beef production

The industry needs organic finishing, processing and distribution to lower costs: producer

BEAUMONT, Alta. — There is good margin in the organic beef industry for some people but not for everyone, says organic beef producer Tim Hoven. He said the organic beef industry must become more efficient feeding, finishing, slaughtering and distributing its product if it is to survive and thrive. “There is not enough money in […] Read more