B.C. growers relish hot and spicy life

WINDERMERE, B.C. — Saunders Family Farm’s cranberry jalapeno and raspberry pepper jellies might never have been made if the processors swam with sharks in Thailand in 2004. Faith and Gordon Saunders, market gardeners from Windermere, B.C., were enjoying a Christmas vacation there with family when a tsunami struck and killed 280,000 people. “We were so […] Read more

Couple knows way to success can be painful

LUMSDEN, Sask. — Dan and Erin Howell will calve out 170 purebred Black Angus cows this spring. That might not be so remarkable, except the cattle business wasn’t always so kind. Dan understands completely how producers recently affected by bovine tuberculosis feel because his family went through a similar experience. His parents, Robert and Marg, […] Read more

Diversification keeps family seeing rainbows

Despite low prices and Manitoba government hog sector regulations, the Penner family has a positive attitude

ARGYLE, Man. — During a winter in Manitoba’s Interlake, there are days when eye and ear protection is essential. Jan. 5 was one of those days. Sunglasses were needed because the sky was clear and the sun gleamed off snow-covered fields, making it impossible to look to the south. A tuque was also necessary because […] Read more

Saskatoon grower the root of industry expansion

Grower uses unique method to make hard-to-root plants perform and sells 40,000 rooted cuttings annually

LANGHAM, Sask. — Farming puts food on the table for Jarvis Blushke but it is his side business that feeds his soul. “Jarvis has always had a passion for saskatoons since he was a boy with his mother,” said his wife, Emily. “Some people go skiing and some people go to the cabin every week […] Read more

Girl Power 101 — it’s how things get done

HARRIS, Sask. — Since her late husband died in 2005, Nita Wilson has learned many tough lessons, particularly in the male dominated banking world. “Because I was a female, they (lenders) thought I wasn’t serious,” said Nita. “As a woman, you’ve got to be twice as good as a man at whatever you do to […] Read more

Tree farm makes holiday memories

FALUN, Alta. — Pine scents fill the air as Fir Ever Green Tree Farm owner Peter Kappeler trims a few inches from the base of a balsam fir. This tree was selected by a family looking to create special Christmas memories. “Some of the trees even come with a free bird’s nest,” joked Peter. He […] Read more

Innovation keeps Moats farm on cutting edge

RICETON, Sask. — Lee Moats recalls the day he sold the farm’s tillage equipment and bought a no-till drill. “My dad was the most uncomfortable I’ve ever seen him,” he said. Going from discers to a minimum tillage system was a huge step in 1990, but it was also a logical move on a farm […] Read more

Family footsteps lead back to the farm

NORTH STAR, Alta. — The children of Nora Paulovich and Bob Noble are defying what has become a common pattern for kids raised in rural areas. All three of them, Jolene, 27, Cara, 24, and Lee, 21, plan to continue farming and ranching together in the northern Alberta community where they were raised. The succession […] Read more

Putting the business out to pasture

ANOLA, Man. —The Bouws have been hit by all the crises and challenges of modern farming, but they’ve managed to stumble through each one and emerge with a better farm. It’s been a never-ending process of figuring out what works for them as a growing family, what works on their land and what they like […] Read more

Producers strive to raise happy, healthy birds

STANDARD, Alta. — Alberta’s Sundgaard family wants people to know the real story of agriculture. Don and Val and their son, Trent, his wife, Sharon, and their two children, Sydni, 12, and Ryker, 9, are chicken producers who are active on the farm and in the community and industry. The family came to Standard when […] Read more